We asked you to show us your worst broke, busted and abused cellphones—and you did not disappoint. These 10 images are among the most shocking examples of gadget abuse I have ever witnessed. I hope you are happy with yourselves.

tracer123: Dropped it off a porch onto concrete. Had insurance. Got me a new one.

Michael B. Pierson: I have bad luck with cell phones.

Marc Silsbe: A had a slow flushing toilet and couldn't figure out why number 2's wouldn't go down...

Elusively: This phone had an unfortunate encounter between two drunk guys with a nail gun

Andrew Danger Love: My girlfriend's iPhone. Turns out AT&T doesn't cover acts of Dog.

bsparks: Nokia 6133, took me probably 45 mins to find all the pieces. The button that flips the phone open automatically still worked!

Greasyde: Long time reader first time poster, this is my curve after i got an iPhone. I decided kill it with my airsoft sniper rifle at 20yds. after uising it for a hockey puck. surprisingly it still kinda works.

CannedNoodlez: My customer microwaved her phone and brought it in because "it was under warranty still."

dbsanders: Left mine on the roof of my car and drove away. Retraced my path an hour later and this is what I could find of it.

RyanRubis: Here's my iPhone after an old school cadillac with 30" chromes drove over it..