Everyone has a drawer where their gadgets go to die. If there was a gadget Hell, it would surely look like these 10 reader submissions.

LordieLordie: That's where gadgets go to die...

PlaneParts: Every time I look at that Audiovox phone, I'm amazed at how huge it seems now and how stoked I was to get it way back when! Not sure why I'm saving all the old phones, weird.

Lani Dawh: Welcome to the "pile" every bit of electronics i could get my hands on organized and sorted into boxes

madmolf: A nice organised mess, going deeper than it seems on the picture. The drawer is not opened fully. I love my drawer, kind of boyhood treasure chest full of stuff i'm the only one caring for.

frexayork: - iChochino

djtheorem: haha... i have 3 drawers, but the one on the bottom right is the worst

yuriythebest1: here iz mine lol

Iowa11: Mostly wires. Old iPAQ and iPod in there somewhere. Might as well be a coffin.

Monoik: I just got all the things from around the room and opened the drawers.