With all the gadgets we report on, it's hard to keep track of which ones are shipping or when they'll be available. We've put together a list of gadgets, some we've reported on and some we haven't, that are shipping today.

• The Prince of Darkness is back to promote yet another somewhat lackluster phone. The Samsung Solstice, which goes on sale today, features 3G connectivity, an MP3 player, video and audio streaming, preloaded games, Bluetooth and a microSD memory card slot supporting up to 16GB. You can get your hands on one for $99.99 after rebate with a two-year contract...but for about the same price, I don't see why you wouldn't buy an iPhone? [Samsung]

• Pre-orders for the Always Innovating Touch Book are finally shipping out! If you were smart enough to pre-order this hybrid netbook/tablet, you may be receiving yours soon. Just to refresh your memory, these units come with a 8.9-inch touchscreen, an internal USB 802.11 b/g/n adapter, Bluetooth, a TI OMAP3530 CPU, 512MB of memory, and 8GB of storage on an SD card. If you still need to order one, pricing hasn't changed, so they're $299 for the tablet, $399 with keyboard. [Always Innovating]