See Google Ion Review.

Done? Good. This phone is exactly the same, except that the myTouch has a slightly different finish, and T-Mobile released an App Pack filled with two handfuls of essential apps on the Android Marketplace for it. That's what we're going to review today. Also, keep in mind that this is running on T-Mobile's 3G network, which isn't quite as good as if you imported the device and used it on, say, AT&T's 3G network, which has more coverage.


FreshFace: A theming app for your Android. It has the ability to add small widgets like an RSS reader and a notepad onto your desktop. The FreshFace desktop pretty much takes over your real desktop, which is good, because FreshFace offers five pages of apps instead of three, but bad, because it's buggy.

Adds a little bit more functionality and theming, including new icons

Themes are mediocre

Occasionally buggy

imeem Mobile: Free streaming internet radio.

Decent enough for a free app, but not outstanding, considering Pandora and LastFM do this kind of thing much better.


T-Mobile Mobile Backup: A free contact list backup service from T-Mobile. Kind of unnecessary, since your phone already syncs with your Google account.

Not really sure what this app does that your Google account syncing doesn't already do. Maybe if you want to switch to another phone that's not an Android phone?

Movies by Flixter: A movie showtimes app that also lets you watch trailers, read reviews and browse DVD catalogs.

Pretty decent movie catalog app that does as much as you'd expect

T-Mobile My Account: Quick and easy access to all your phone's account info, including your activity billing, your plan and any alerts you may have. For some reason this only works over your cellular connection, so you'll have to shut off Wi-Fi.

Easier than loading up the T-Mobile site

Phonebook by Voxmobili: A replacement phonebook that sorts your contacts into a more usable manner. Plus, it's colorful.

Better, in many ways, than the official Android dialer. Definitely replace your contact list with this


Sherpa: A fancy Yelp-like app that can help you find local shops (eateries, theaters, cafes, grocery stores) using your phone's GPS.

It's just like Yelp, and quite useful if you're trying to find stuff within walking distance

Visual Voicemail: It's visual voicemail.

It's visual voicemail.

WorldTour: Periodically sets your wallpaper to live webcams around the world, like Paris

A little bit goofy. Would be better if the wallpapers were higher quality