As I blindly played Wii Sports from the kitchen the other day—the TV completely out of sight—I couldn't help but wonder why many remotes still implement hindering line-of-sight IR to work properly. Enter the RF Point Anywhere.

Developed by AT&T, the Anywhere uses RF tech to control your various home entertainment baubles from anywhere in the room. Behind a couch; with the cable box behind an opaque cabinet door; or even from the dark basement dungeon you set up for when the AT&T U-verse guy shows up late for his ambiguously defined 9-5 appointment window (yes, it's back lit!).

We've covered RF remotes before, most notably the recent Loop Remote, which controls TVs using a mix of Wii-like wonder, some pointing, and plenty of kitsch. The RF Anywhere is perhaps a bit more practical, but again you need to be a U-verse user to enjoy it.

The remote will cost U-verse customers $50 (slightly more than the one they get with service), and that includes the RF dongle. After that's paid up, you're free to change channels blindly from the pooper at your convenience. [AT&T via Engadget]