10. XA1 - $179.99: XA1 is an audio analysis app that gives "realtime feedback of the audio spectrum" when mixing or doing other audio related work. [iTunes Link]

9. Interpath - $179.99: Provides remote access to pathology images for medical professionals, used for cancer diagnosis or other disease treatments. Requires an image server like Aperio. [iTunes Link]

8. Nursing Constellation Plus - $179.99: Nursing and medical reference app. Includes access to drug dosing calculation tools, medical dictionary, calculator, etc. [iTunes Link]

7. ROSIE Home Automation - $199.99: ROSIE home automation system users can control their a/v systems, lighting, security, and other services. Requires a ROSIE system. [iTunes Link]

6. iDcrm - $199.99: The "first full" Microsoft Dynamics CRM app for the iPhone. [iTunes Link]

5. Lexi-Dental Complete - $299.99: Tied for the most expensive in Lexi's suite of medical reference apps. In essence, everything a dentist could possibly need in an iPhone app except a credit card swiper. Over 160 radiographs and more than 1,000 photos.
Also in "dental select" for $219.99, and some related titles down to $74.99. [iTunes Link]

4. Mobile Cam Viewer - $349.99: Watch and control several flavors of live surveillance cameras. [iTunes Link]

3. PDR Quote - $349.99: Business software for auto repair: Create quotes and invoices, includes huge database of cars, forms you can personalize, etc. [iTunes Link]

2. MATG - SAP BusinessOne - $449.99: Hooks into SAP's BusinessOne financial management software. Designed for sales reps or marketing/finance execs. Also available for Microsoft Dynamics GP. [iTunes Link]

1. iRa Pro - $899.99 (or Direct - $499.99): The two priciest SKUs in the iTunes store are basically the same app, so we've bundled them together. iRa Pro and iRa Direct are used to view and manage super-expensive enterprise surveillance camera installations. Clients could include corporations, schools, government, etc. [iTunes Link]