This week Lifehacker's got a good way to manage your porn, back up your online accounts, make your own disgusting sports drinks and make good playlists.

myCollections is a categorizing app for games, apps, books, movies and porn. Windows only
Free tools to back up your online accounts
Here's some pre-formatted text for your iPhone emails

Time Drive, for incremental backup across networks
Here's what regular expression searches look like
How to build a dorm-legal AC

Make your own "sports drink"
Ten neat and productive Android apps
Kill cellphone speaker buzz with an electrostatic bag

uTorrent finally adds UDP support
eXtreme Power Supply Calculator helps you pick a PSU that's right for your components
Firefox 3.6 has tab previews, improved startup time

Self-watering plant hanger!
Five best video players
Why you should ditch your paranoia and use Mint to handle your finances

10 ways to make your playlists "rock" (so cheesy, that Lifehacker)

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