A tipster sent in some shakey shots of what looked to be a 120GB PS3 Slim listed for $299.99 in a Kmart flyer. It felt like Shenanigans and Update: Kmart owner, Sears, says so, too.

Seems to have all been the work of a Neogaf user, which is where I had always suggested the PS3 in the fakes had come from.


What we had said:
True, that's the same price and image used in yesterday's supposed Best Buy PS3 Slim ad mockup, but straight off that bat you'll notice the Best Buy shot lists a 160GB hard disk. Still, one could be accurate, right? I don't think so. My major beef with both: the controller placement looks identical to cakefoo's mockups over at Neogaf.

Oh, and that Hong Kong magazine cover? It turned out to be a fan-made PS3.

What's interesting, is that all these images seem to reference the supposed PS3 Slim spy shots that Engadget Japan received a takedown request for. But maybe that's just because they're the most likely leak we've seen to date?

Either way, there's been a ton of PS3 Slim rumors flying around (see our roundup), but hopefully we'll know more after Sony's presser at Gamescom on August 18. [via thomas3390]