Yesterday I asked you to show us your collection, and I can honestly say that I don't know how a person could stand to live with some of you.

Denver8023: Lego.. going on 800 pounds or maybe much more. sorted by part, color. this is about half of it.

AlphaPepper: Classic Arcade Games. 11 and counting. Not really "and counting". Wife says I'm done.

Ian Grams: I collect energy drink cans. I've consumed 210 different energy drinks, and probably close to 300 total.

ducktopian: Rubber ducks. I just moved and my Guinness world record collection finally has its own room. I am still setting it up.

PorkRind: I have a Linotype and have been busy ferreting out fonts of mats for it. I currently have about a hundred different typefaces and about 50 magazines for loading them.

GianinaMyrtilus: Dead batteries. Can't throw them out. I hate it.

gp1138: I collect portable CD and cassette players, along with a few MiniDisc players.

tsarchasm: Hard Rock Cafe shotglasses.

Bat21: []
[] Plus a couple boxes of blanks I haven't used yet.

aupton: Video Games