We've explained a lot at Giz: Everything from the real key to stunning photos to how to actually make delicious coffee. So catch up with the best of Giz Explains, feel smarter and impress people at your barbecue this weekend.

How to Actually Make Coffee
Odds are, you're doin' it wrong. Here's most of the major ways to make delicious coffee, with advice from our friends at Ninth St. Espresso, Intelligentsia Coffee and La Marzocco.

Bill Nye Explains Oleophobic Screens
Uh, Bill Nye. Explaining stuff. Do I need to say anymore?

How Electrocution Really Kills You (With Adam Savage)
Mythbuster Adam Savage tells us how electricity really kills you—surprisingly, it's not by poaching your brains inside of your skull.

The Difference Between $100 and $100,000 Speakers
Well the title really says it all, don't it?

Why Analog Audio Cables Really Aren't All the Same
Yes, there really is a difference between analog cables. And you want there to be.

Why Lenses Are the Real Key to Stunning Photos
Despite what stupid spec wars would have you believe, a fancy slice of glass is just as important as silicon to taking a stunning photo.

Why More Megapixels Isn't Always More Better
You want quality pixels, not just more of 'em.

GPGPU Computing: How Your Graphics Card Is Gonna Make Your Computer Fly
Programmers are finally figuring out how to make it easy to use your graphics card to do awesome stuff besides render cool explosions, meaning your computer is going to scream.

How to Choose the Right Graphics Card
Do you really need the Nvidia GeForce Ultra Pro 295 GTX 2 OC Black Edition, or is it okay to play Crysis with some a little more cost effective?

How Cell Towers Work
Until Wilson explained how cell towers work, I always thought Stormtrooper fairies carried the signals from my phone to the Death Star and then to my mom's cellphone.

Why Cell Reception Still Sucks Speaking of cell towers, why does cell reception still suck so hard sometimes?

How Apple Affects Your Tech World Through Standards (Even You, Windows Guy)
The easy way to have power over technology and people outside of your own little domain: Create tech standards. Here's a few Apple's been instrumental in getting out there.

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