The main UI page, this one's on pictures, which can be pulled off a server or the local hard drive.

The picture UI is incredibly fast—pictures selected in the carousel on the bottom of the screen pop up full-res nearly instantly.

This is how you navigate through albums.

Not my favorite song, but this is what playing music looks like.

Inside the music interface, where it'll prompt you to buy related stuff from online stores you select, both digital (stream or download) and plastic (delivered to your house).


Oh yes, Twitter integration.

It's telling you to please buy Bolt stuff. Pleeeeease.

Hey look a managed copy of Bolt we just made.

This is the box that makes it happen.

The remote running off the Nokia N810 worked perfectly—everything on the screen showed up on the N810 totally in sync.

The iPod touch integration was a little jankier since it uses a web interface (because of SDK limitations), but still okay.