These 10 designs jumped out at me from yesterday's desktop wallpaper submissions, but the truth is that they really only scratch the surface. At any rate, these posts are a repository for some really great images.

dolo54 blows minds: These blade runner renderings on are my laptops. Huge versions can be had here: []

drummerboymdb: Yummy.

Mauricio Sanchez: Art from Ryohei Hase. Found in

lonan: Can't remember where this came from. It's a image that came from a program a guy wrote to randomly generate cityscapes.

yreka: There's a bit of problem in that I change my wallpaper usually every couple of days. This is the one I've had up the longest total though.

GermiSmith: I normally change my wallpaper fairly regularly, but this has been up since March.

gussde: Found it somewhere online. I get a lot of compliments on it and tell people that I have it at home and I need someone to splice it for me...


soccer1105: water flame

prophet178: The cover to the best album of the year. It's an optical illusion too. Looks pretty trippy.