Still, with this? Well, luckily there's plenty of other stuff to tide us over until the Google Voice fiasco resolves itself. Like zombies! And weddings, and exercise, and soundscapes, and urban art, and political activism, and jokes, and, and, and...

The Onion Microfiche Reader: It's from the Onion, so it's pretty much guaranteed not to be not funny, but! For all the neat microfilm-esque presentation, this thing doesn't actually have any articles—just a bunch of those jokes-in-a-headline that the Onion is so good at. Still entertaining though. A dollar.

Foursquare: Now you can see who else is checked in at a given venue, who the current mayor is, collect nearby Tweets, and enjoy better Google Maps integration in this extremely strange, strangely popular, highly addictive territorial app. Free.

Reqall: Evernote integration. That is all. Free.

Strands: The best free exercise app for the iPhone now lets you replay your GPS-recorded running path, signals you with audio cues during exercise, includes route elevation profiles and supports in-app playlists.

Dream Day Wedding: Married in Manhattan: A fantasy wedding planner that is evidently really, really popular. Maybe because it's fun, or maybe because it's the easiest way to make your boyfriend super, super, super uncomfortable. Three dollars.

Alive 4-Ever: There are a surprising number of zombie survival apps in the App Store, I guess because they're easy to make or something? I don't know. I do know, however, that this top-down zombie slaughter is extremely fun, and only a dollar. I would pay multiple dollars, even. Like two!

Kodak Smilemaker: A charming app that adds comical smiles to your photos, or a meditation of the tragedies of birth deformities? I have no idea, but either way, its free. So.


NPR News: Sorry to keep bringing this app up, but it's great, and the biggest issue people had with the last version—the lack of fast-forwarding and pausing—is solved in this one. Still free.

Air: Brian Eno done made another app, y'all! The last one made amazing music based (partly) on user input; this one makes amazing music based (partly) on user input, except it sounds totally different. It's as mesmerizing as the last one, but feels fresh. 2bux.

Polyghost It took me a while to figure this one out, partly because I'd never really heard of "Vinyl art" toys before. Well, this is what they are, and like them or not, Polyghost is an aesthetically cool app. Here what you do: Using microtransactions, you buy little 3D characters which you can transpose onto photographs. The pricing's a little unfortunate—four dollars for the app, with new characters at at least a dollar apiece—but if you're a fan of artists like Tim Biskup and DEVILROBOTS, the rendering in this app does the work justice. So twee!

Howard Dean's Activism Book Thingeee: Whether or not you're a LI-BRULL, you've got to admire the concept behind this book-cum-activism app, which gets its users fired up with a message, i.e. Dean's writing, then puts tools at their fingertips to act on their feelings, like a location-aware "call your congressman" function. I think it might be a liiiiittle more effective if you didn't have to pay for it. Five dollars to CHANGE THE WORLD, or whatever.

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