Take a long lunch today and head to the Giz Gallery to experience the 3rd Generation Prius. Sit inside and enjoy the Plasmacluster ionizer while shouting commands at the voice-activated touch-screen navigation system. Or just stare at the LED taillamps.

Some of the other features of the 3rd Generation Prius that we love are the (available) steering wheel-mounted Bluetooth hands-free phone-calling controls, and the Intelligent Parking Assist (also available), which helps you park with customized touch-screen instructions, audio cues, and diagrams. And that's not it—it literally steers the car for you once the IPA receives your data. Awesomeness.

It's basically a car with all of your favorite handheld apps in it. Check it out while you can—Giz Gallery closes Sunday!


And don't forget your 3-D glasses and your red sippy cup (filled with a non-alcoholic beverage, of course) like the dudes in the gallery below.