Massive shortages, a slick UI and an elusive "atomic" flavor that's currently tearing up eBay with a $2,025 bid (as of 9 a.m. Sunday morning)? Sounds like there may be something to this Microsoft Zune HD thing. Updated.

Now, whether that "something" lasts for the long run—especially with a definitive lack of apps–is another thing, but for now Zune HD lovers can head on over to eBay for what amounts to a ludicrous price for a super rare, unreleased color and get their bid in before the auction ends in about two days.


The eBay user conveniently lives in Washington, and said they procured this rare kit from a friend. Now they're selling it for cash and are set to make a small fortune off this Zune HD with a nifty little paint job.

Now, will this model eventually be released en masse to the public at the usual Zune HD price? Sure, it probably will. But, if this wacky series of tubes has taught me anything, it's that there are plenty of people who'd love to win this auction and yell "FIRST!" to the rest of us.

Update: Yeah, this thing is getting all sorts of lame and suspicious. Crazy bidding, sketchy seller—everyone with half a brain proceed with caution. Maybe just watch the insanity take place from afar. [eBay via Anything But iPod via Engadget]