It is literally impossible to keep track of all new, increasingly complex deals that Peek throws our way, but this one is simple enough: One Peek Pronto, plus n months of service, for $300.

If that's all a little committal for your tastes there's another tier, at $229 for just one year of service, Pronto included, matching the price points for prior, similar trial deals with the original Peek.

To put this into context the latter deal, less the cost of a Pronto, averages out to about $15 a month over the course of a year, compared to the regular $20. On the other hand, the lifetime subscription has a monthly cost approaching zero, assuming very specific circumstances: That the Pronto represents the pinnacle of consumer technology for the next few hundred years, and that medical science on on the verge of extending the human life indefinitely. It's possible!


And for those of you with no imagination or optimism, and a sense that you'll probably give up on this thing after about two years, max, it's still a pretty great deal, averaging out to about $10 a month for unlimited texting, emailing, and now, even semi-apps. [Peek]