ALK's CoPilot Live North America navi app just got a big update: Text-to-speech for reading road names, monthly MapSure user-corrected map updates, an improved "walking" mode, improved GPS performance and Contacts integration and above all, a new iPhone keyboard, to replace the sorry-ass homemade keyboard that was in the app before. Normally I wouldn't post on an app update, but I did name the $35 CoPilot "best cheap GPS app." [iTunes Link]

Update: If you already have CoPilot and want text-to-speech, download the free upgrade, then go into iPhone Settings, find CoPilot and set License Reset to "On." Once you to that, go to the app, where you'll be prompted for online activation all over again. (Kinda annoying.) Once you do that, go to Language & Voice settings and choose a voice with an asterisk next to it.