Yesterday I asked you to post some of your favorite tech-related comic strips. As these 10 examples point out, the medium is still alive and well despite what newspaper comics would lead you to believe.

Chuffzilla: Whubble was genius.

LastVigilante: All the normals, XKCD, Toothpastefordinner, etc. But for web design nerds, definitely The Brads.


cheese1756: XKCD of course.


berbar: I like this one.

sbarstow: This one is pretty fantastic as well..



Eli Cochran


ripfire: Penny Arcade

infestacool: []


SjN: Dresden Codak. You guys really need to have a look at this webcomic, its one of the most awesome things I have read in a long time.

The strip boasts of a love for detail and a fascination for robots w/ future.