There were many, many interesting stories happening in the world of video games this week. From Wolverine claws appearing on PlayStation Home to these gross-looking beasts from the latest Final Fantasy, there's a lot to see over at Kotaku.

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Ready To Rat Out R4 Sellers? Nintendo Is Here To Help

Your PlayStation Home Avatar Can Have Adamantium Claws
OK, so now there's one decent thing to be done in PS Home.

BioWare: Mass Effect 2 Is Kinda Like Empire Strikes Back.

Some More Red Dead Redemption Screens To Look At
This old west sequel is really shaping up.

PSPgo In Chinese Knock Off Form

Show Us Your Wii History
Spoiler: Everyone's top 10 includes the same games.

Computer Classic Archon Returning to PC

Is Single-Player Gaming In Danger Of Extinction?
I doubt it. Movies and masturbation are still going strong.

The Critters of Final Fantasy XIV

Star Fox in Iraq: Do A Barrel Roll!
If you've played Star Fox, you need to watch this video by CollegeHumor.

Yes, It's Real and $60 a Six-Pack
Can I get a "mmmm, beer wine?"