Kotaku reports that a number of their readers have received invites to an "exclusive pilot rewards program" for Xbox Live.

Only a "select few" have been chosen for what looks to be a trial run of the Xbox rewards program starting October 21, using a criteria that no one has deciphered yet (for instance, our own Jason Chen has a gamerscore of like a bajillion points and he hasn't received an invite—meanwhile, one of our own readers received an invite, and he's just a 4,000-point casual player). We're assuming that, like Club Nintendo, Microsoft will cut the exclusivity to their program eventually. Then again, maybe Microsoft wants their rewards to feel like a just-lucky-to-be-there type of deal indefinitely.

I, for one, couldn't care less about free t-shirts or demos. But give me a radioactive-green Mastercard and I'm sold. [Kotaku]