The new lock screen, which has a virtual spinning dial to unlock it.

The dashboard interface, for when it's mounted in your car.

The new Market (really from 1.6), but with the Verizon channel.

Layers are essentially data points layered on top of a map—a search for coffee places or gas stations or whatever.

New bookmarks layout in Android 2.0—it'll have preview thumbs of sites.

The redesigned dialer.

Everybody with properly capitalized names and a thumbnail had their info automatically updated by Facebook. Some people, though they're on Facebook, didn't find a match. The bar with the icons shooting across is the new Quick Contact bar, which pops up when you tap the icon for a contact.

There's a new combined inbox that's color-coded for when you have multiple email accounts.

The task manager—you can actually kill processes that are bogging down your phone now—though it's buried in settings.