Pumpkin Carving Night. Nikon D90 with Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 D, 1.3 sec, ISO 200. -Jeremy Champion

Second place: Canon Rebel XS with a 28-105mm f1:3.5-4.5 zoom lens (w/ a Tiffen Sky 1-A filter). Manual focused, set it to auto exposure w/o flash. It chose ISO 800, shutter 1/6th second. -Eric Kornblum

Third place: This photo was shot with a Canon XTi via a 50mm F1.4 and the support of a speedlight 430EXII. Both the camera and the flash were in manual mode. The Camera was set at F3.2, 1s, and iso 100; the flash was set at a 45 degree angle and set for 1/8. -Matthew Neuman

Jack Skellington on the back patio table (as was the camera - Canon EOS Digital Rebel). -Neil

Canon EOS Digital Rebel with a 28.0-300mm Tamron lens. Exposure: 1.3, f/11, Focal Length: 42mm, ISO 1600 -Tom Valanzola

Taken on a Canon EOS Digital REBEL with a 28.0-300mm Tamron lens. I carved the pumpkin the same night (wednesday) at my apartment in Somerville, MA. Exposure: 4, f/29.0, Focal Length: 70mm, ISO 1600 -Amanda Gyllenhaal

Canon Rebel XSi: f/5.6, 4s, ISO 800, 18-55mm kit lens on a tripod. Thought I'd celebrate the Ares I-X launch today with a little tribute to NASA! -Matthew Cover

Photo of my four 200lbs pumpkins in my front yard.I used a Nikon D40 camera mounted on a tripod. f/3.5, exposure 4sec, ISO-800, aperture 3.6. -Brian Walak

Shot this week with my iPhone 3G using Snapture, edited with Photoshop.com Mobile, resized on the computer with Photoshop Elements. -Kevin Tokarski

Shot with iPhone. Made the glow of the candle very intense. -Nathan Clark