mgd357: Iron Man, built from scratch

TheOriginalEd: I made my son a tanooki suit for his 2nd halloween.

rwarner16:Megatron in all his awesomeness. Made from cardboard, paper mache, chicken wire, and 80's fandom.

Skoch: Felt, Cardboard, Cartoon Gloves & a whole lot of love... Could only wear it around the office for a while since I can't sit in it.

Michelle Khuu: Me as Golbez @ Fanime 09. Made of cardboard, and soda tabs.

KineticRocketFireBalls: I made this using some things I had lying around, which sadly includes a fully encapsulated HazMat suit previously stowed away in my closet.

ibthai: Nightmare Before Christmas - Jack Skellington!

Rain-man: Here's the other. Da da da da da da ..... dungh!

Hamspiced: im on the left

Nate Schumacher: Me