I completely forgot that I get an extra hour of that precious, precious thing called sleep tonight. Since I'm probably not the only forgetful Lucy around, here's a reminder to set your clocks back and snooze a bit longer.

Technically, the moment to hop back in time is whenever 2 a.m. strikes in your time zone (or sometime last week if you're in Europe), but if you're getting ready to snuggle up in bed then you might want to take care of the clocks first.


Now let's be open and honest with each other. What are you doing with your extra hour? Will it be spent spooning, snuggled up with a loved one? Getting a head start on the next month? Recovering from chocolate overdose? Reading through Gizmodo comments? [Thanks for the DST reminder, Jrsy Devil's Advocate®!]

Photo by Robbert van der Steeg