Oh, App Store: You're a chore to navigate, difficult to search, and offer only the most superficial guidance as to which apps are actually good. Chorus—an app recommendation app, as awkward as that sounds—helps cut through the noise.

Chorus is a bit like Apple's native App Store app, except with drastically shifted emphasis: instead of giving category "Top" lists, which rank apps by overall download numbers, Chorus only pitches you apps that've been explicitly recommended by someone. These someones could include other friends who use Chorus, nearby Chorus users, or a stable of "App Mavens"—online reviewers and tech journalists, mostly.


It'll take a while to build a userbase for this thing, but it wouldn't take a whole lot of people to make the concept work. In the absurdly crowded iPhone app space, even an extremely loose consensus about what isn't terrible is pretty valuable. [iTunes]