I abused my iPhone and it's got the marks to tell the stories. The most annoying though are the scratches on the pretty silver bezel. Thankfully, as Lifehacker shows us, those can easily be eliminated using a kitchen sponge.

As you can see in the video, all that you really need to do is smoothly stroke the bezel with the rough (usually green) scrubbing surface of a kitchen sponge. This'll make the scratches blend in by creating a more brushed look. Just don't forget to use masking tape to protect the rest of the phone and it's the simplest cosmetic surgery you'll ever do.


While I don't know how my iPhone will cope with losing his manly bezel battle scars, I do know that he'll at least look far more handsome again. Is anyone joining me in using this trick? [Just Another iPhone Blog via Lifehacker]