This week Lifehacker has some great tips to overcome the piggy flu, protect yourself from intruders at open airport Wi-Fi spots and a guide to wire your house with Ethernet.

Polish your shoes with a banana (This is a winner of a headline if I ever saw one)
The Gaia Desktop, shown above (This is a winner of a desktop too, except that it would be even better if they were reading Gizmodo)
Find nearby flu shots with Google Maps

Intro to coding
Protect your Wi-Fi connection at airport hotspots
Firefox 3.6 beta 2 download is live

AVG is Lifehacker's favorite antivirus (It's mine too)
Microsoft's security tools are good enough to get you to not pay for other apps
Google Wave's look and feel might be coming to other Google apps

Paint.NET has a big update
Put on a duvet cover without losing your mind, or sweating through your shirt
How to wire your house with Ethernet

Five good addons to power your Windows Home Server