Today in Now Available: the Sonos ZonePlayer S5, a wireless speaker system controlled by the iPhone and iPod Touch; the Yamaha MCR-140 wireless iPod dock; the Lenovo U150 ultraportable laptop, and the game-changing FLO TV.

The Sonos ZonePlayer S5, an all-in-one wireless speaker system for iPod Touches and iPhones that is pictured above, is now available for your music listening needs. Sonos is well-regarded for the full-blown high-end wireless audio system, but in the ZonePlayer S5, priced at $399, they offer an accessible way to get one started. We reviewed the S5 earlier this month and found it an elegant solution for wireless home audio. The system is equipped with Wi-Fi, ethernet, and audio-in and -out jacks and can be controlled by a free iPhone/iPod touch app. For a location in your home in which a full stereo system is overkill—porch, kitchen, home office—the Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is just the ticket. You can order S5 directly from Sonos.

Designed by the community at, the PowerCurl snaps onto your MacBook's power supply, keeping the cord tidy and the charger looking funky. As an added benefit, the PowerCurl raises the charger off your floor or desk for "improved air circulation and cooling," not that you thought you needed it to begin with. Make all of this bright orange functionality yours by picking up the PowerCurl for $14.99 at

The Lenovo IdeaPad U150 is now shipping and waiting to be perched awkwardly on your knees or balanced on your hand like a server's tray. The 3 pound, .75" thick ultra-portable has a 11.6" screen and runs on a CULV processor, 3GB of RAM and 250GB hard drive. Those specs can be beefed up by springing for the more expensive model instead of the standard one, already discounted to $749 and $649 respectively. The U150 isn't going to blow anyone away with its power, but it's a svelte little machine and the marbled effect on the exterior might turn a head or two. You can customize and purchase the U150 from Lenovo.

The Yamaha MCR-140 wireless iPod dock sounded good and looked even better when we got a chance to try it out in September. For $399.95, the MCR-140 offers wireless playback from iPods via Yamaha's uncompressed yAired technology, as well as a CD player, FM radio tuner, USB and minijack plugs for other audio sources. The unit is available in ten rad colors and can be had over at Yamaha.

The FLO TV Personal Television, a handheld device for watching television on the go, is finally available to be mocked by regular people in addition to those who got a chance to review the unit ahead of time. (We were one of them.) The device is $250 and requires a $9 monthly subscription, and for that you can watch all your favorite channels, including but not limited to CNBC, Comedy Central, MTV and the like. So you can watch the news, watch John Stewart make a mockery of the news, and watch the contestants on Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins make a mockery of life. But the FLO TV doesn't offer a video out, so you'll be stuck watching it all unfold on the unit's 3.5" screen. If for some reason you want to buy this you can find out where on FLO's website.