Gold Winner: PAD (small domestic helpers) are "digital pets" that monitor heat, air quality and the welfare of plants in the home.

Silver Winner: 'Stand Off' turns off appliances remotely using Bluetooth technology.

Bronze Award: 'Re-Siker' is a recycling station that automatically sorts, bags and tags recyclable items and provides information about the items to the user.

The 'Intelligent Organizer" conserves energy by preventing "line over-charging."

The 'Recycle' Bike translates movement into energy for the home.

The 'E-Plant' keeps track of energy consumption in the home.

'Light' provides "luminescent and florescent illumination without the use of electricity."

The 'Self Control' meter is like a thermostat that provides information on energy consumption.

DNA is a semi-portable unit that generates electricity from the sun and wind.