Miss out on any Black Friday deals? Roll your own with Bing. The basically-free-money service has upped cashback rates until December 2. Check out the participating gadget sites below, and keep โ€˜em in mind for Cyber Monday:

AT&T โ€” 35% cashback (iPhone excluded, unfortunately)
T-Mobile โ€” 35% cashback
Dell โ€” 20% cashback
HP โ€” 20% cashback
Lenovo โ€” 20% cashback
Walmart โ€” 15% cashback
Overstock โ€” 15% cashback


The Rest:
Sears โ€” 8-13% cashback
Circuit City โ€” 8-12.2% cashback
Tiger Direct โ€” 8โ€”12.2% cashback
eBay โ€” 8-10% cashback
Best Buy โ€” 5-10& cashback
Buy.com โ€” 5% cashback

Keep in mind it takes up to 60 days until your money is available, but hey, free money later is better than no free money at all. [Bing via Cheap Ass Gamer]