I've always been fond of JVC Everio camcorders, but with the latest round of pocketcams grabbing attention for far too long, it's about time we reverted back to a model with a decent sensor.

The GZ-MG980, GZ-MS230 and the GZ-MS210 have been announced for the Japanese market under the Victor JVC branding, with US pricing and availability expected to be confirmed at CES.

With a 10.7-megapixel, 1/6-inch CCD sensor, the video on the GZ-M980 isn't quite full HD at just 720 x 480 resolution, though the 39x (F1.8 - 4.3) optical zoom and 80GB HDD are pretty decent. An SD/SDHC slot rounds it off.


Measuring in with similar specs, the GZ-MS230 misses the generous 80GB capacity of the former model, with just 8GB instead. The GZ-MS210 is the most basic of the three, with no internal memory—just two SD/SDHC slots. Japanese conversions pit these three at $690, $515 and $460 each. [CrunchGear]