Remember that DARPA balloon challenge, where the first team to find ten weather balloons wins $40,000? Well, the balloons are up in the air. If you don't have a team yet, here are some places to report a sighting. UPDATED:

Update: Well, that went fast. Took the MIT team 9 hours to find all 10 balloons. Read more here, and congrats to the winners! [Thanks Andrew.]

What's cool is how most of the balloon hunting communities I've found are working towards selfless goals. Both and this MIT group are proposing to gather a huge number of participants, and rather than give each contributor a measly cut, the forty grand will be donated to charity.

Good luck to everyone involved. If you happen to stumble across one this weekend, consider reporting it to a group that's playing for charity. Just make sure it's not one some kid let go of first. [DARPA via WSJ via AllThingsD]