I know I said I want an America's Cup schooner, but a 110-foot catamaran fitted with a personal exploration plane, like a Japanese super-submarine? I know Corto Maltese won't approve, but I'm game.

Built by Monaco-based Wally, the Aeroyacht 110 will be one of the largest and fastest multihull ships in the world when it is completed in late 2011. It's expected to reach 35 knots at full speed, thanks to a hull design by Morelli & Melvin, who created the US America's Cup contender Stars and Stripes.


And if that wasn't cool enough, this dream ship will carry an Icon A5, a space-age two-seat amphibian airplane:

The plane will be launched and retrieved from a special pod on the catamaran. Seriously, the only way it can get better than this would be to have a flying suit. [James List via Born Rich]