I used to love the winter, but now I find myself missing summer more and more. I assume this will culminate with boob-high pants and a condo in Florida, but gifts like these would help me make due for now.

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Maybe it's the whole campfire theme, or maybe it's because this heater looks like something Superman would have in his fortress of solitude—the bottom line is that I love the Nobo radiator. In addition to a touch-controlled heating element, Nobo projects a video of flickering flames off the glass logs for ambiance. $2800 [CL Designs via Link]

If you know someone with perpetually cold hands the Eneloop Kairo from Sony would make a great gift (especially if this person happens to be your significant other. You know...when they embrace you it's like getting touched by the Grim Reaper). It comes in two models: the KIR-SL2S and the KIR-SE1S which deliver 1-3 hours and 4 hours of warmth respectively. $35-$45 [Sanyo via Link]

Brian's right—lugging heavy, battery powered boots in the snow while trying to hike is a bad idea. But if you plan on just doing some casual walking, you could probably get away with closing your eyes, walking down the slushy sidewalk with these on and pretending you're wearing thongs on a Rio beach.$250 [Columbia via Link]

Staying warm on the inside is just as important as staying warm on the outside. Coffee lovers will surely be thrilled to receive a mug that can automatically keep your drink warm and stir it up with the push of a button. $37 [Brando via Link]

As our own Brian Lam pointed out, the Blazewear heated vest does a great job of keeping you warm whether you are outside in the cold, or falling asleep on the couch. There are five temperature control settings that range from approx. 110 to 150 degrees. The lowest setting will keep you warm for up to 5 hours. $139 [Blazewear]

It's not just the cold that makes people miss the summer, it's also the sunny skies, green leaves, chirping birds and gentle breezes. If you have the means, installing one of these SkyV skylights in a home or office would be one hell of a gift. They use high definition LCD screens to mimic the ambiance of the great outdoors. Hit the following link to see it in action. Prices vary [SkyV via Link]

I could go on about crazy USB heating gadgets and Snuggies, but we all know that these products should be avoided. My choice for a "don't buy" gadget this holiday has got to be the Poseidon patio heater. Don't get me wrong, I like the way it looks, but it costs more than twice as much as comparable models in Chillchasers lineup. Why? Because it has a miniscule (and therefore useless) media player slapped on top. $1376 [Chillchaser via Link]

In the summer, nothing beats kicking back outdoors with some burgers cooking on the grill. Remind yourself of those awesome times with this USB-powered, heated burger massager. As bizarre as this product is, it's more socially acceptable than pleasuring yourself with an actual burger. $12 [Brando via Link]


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