Did you know you can post a tip straight to Gizmodo? Or, start a new conversation all on your own? Thanks to our hashtag pages you can do all sorts of comment related goodness. Here's how:


Once you're at Gizmodo.com, just go to the comment box where it says "Got a tip for us?", write your tip — and then click the share button. Remember to include #tips to make sure your note shows up on the tips page.

So what kind of tips do we like to see? To tell the truth, It really doesn't matter how big or small the tip might be, just as long as it's something interesting or newsy. Obviously our favorite kinds of tips have stuff like spy shots and info of a new unseen gadget, but that's not the only thing we're looking for.


For example commenter kjoost used the #tips to share The Most Powerful Desktop PC-Sized Supercomputer with us. As you can see, sharing a tip with Gizmodo has never been easier. So if you have a juicy bit of news for us or just want to show us an interesting piece of tech please don't hesitate to let us know.

If you haven't noticed we use hashtages at Gizmodo for all of our tagging needs. This is important to you because it means anyone can create their own hashtag for just about anything. We showed you above how to use the #tips hashtag to send us a tip, but you're not limited to using only this hashtag.


We already explained how to use #whitenoise to talk amongst yourselves, but say you wanted to start up a discussion on your favorite gadget? Then at bottom of your comment type in something like #favgadget. Or maybe you want to send us a letter of suggestion or complaint, you could use #letters. Also, if you want your comments to appear in multiple places, use multiple hashtags. Need a starting off point? Try any of our most popular tags featured above. The possibilities are endless and we encourage all of you to start using hashtags to talk about what you want, when you want to.

If you still have questions regarding out comment system try reading over our Comment FAQ. If the FAQ doesn't seem to help then try shooting an email to comments@gizmodo.com for help.