Everywhere I look, I see faces. The cabinet is looking at me. The lightswitch is looking at me. The cereal is looking at me. And it's all because of your submissions to this week's Anthropomorphism Shooting Challenge. The winners:

Second Runner Up

Death Face on Muni Track in SF; Nikon D50; 55-200mm; Shot at 200mm; ISO: 200; f/5.6; 1/20 sec
-Tyler Ball


First Runner Up

This image was taken with a Nikon D200 using a 18-200mm lens in aperture mode. ISO was 200, focal length was 80mm (35mm equiv = 120mm). Exposure time was 6 seconds.
-Joe Hale


One Half Runner Up

"A robot is hiding behind the trees" I love walking the streets of Shanghai. This picture was taken with my Leica D3, f/2.8, 1/15 sec., at ISO 200.
-Ariel Borremans



Camera: Nikon D60; Lens: 50mm F1/8; ISO: 100; "sad Robot" Guess he didn't like the New York Snow...
-Jacob Santiago


Thanks to everyone for participating. There are so many fantastic shots in the mix, you'll never want to throw out anything again...lest you doom an innocent object to rot away, smiling in a dump.

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