No matter who won this fight, we're blaming Adam for any presents we didn't receive. Looks like he seriously pissed off the old man in red here.

Everyone all together now: Awwwwww! This is our fantastic intern Kyle along with some of his dear friends.

I have a soft spot for Wilson, even when he makes puns that I don't understand. Like those puns though, this picture baffles me, but I think the message is to not touch his poinsettia or else.

I don't know if John is a real space cadet or if he only plays one on Gizmodo holiday cards, but I really want a coffee cup like his.

Adam may have fought with Santa this year, but I fight with the Christmas decorations each and every year. In case you're wondering: They tend to win.

Sean doesn't look entirely happy about being pestered to take a picture.

Is that a Christmas version of the angel and devil on David's shoulders?

Oh, Dan. Part of me wants to give the man a hug and replenish his supply of booze.

I begged and pleaded with Matt for a real picture, but he likes the irony of producing a snapshot like this using about $5,400 in photographic equipment.

I think Don has the happiest dogs this planet has seen. Just look at how they're loving the attention.

Chris M. and his sweetheart look like they're ready to head out to a holiday party.

No offense to Jesus, but I think his incredibly cute niece Carlota steals the show in this picture. So adorable.

I think Santa brought Brian B. exactly what he wanted.

Oh Jason. I don't know whether to shake my head or laugh at the man.

Brian and his sweetheart are enjoying their holiday in Japan.

I can't really figure out if Jack is kissing his MacBook or attempting to get an Apple fix by snorting it.

Kat looks like she's having some fun abusing that poor tree.

Chris J. Is showing off an awesome-looking homemade card from his brother here. He tells me that the original comic credit goes to Married to the Sea.