Kuo Design has rounded up an impressive collection of magazine covers bearing Jobs's face. Watch him as he loses hair; puts on weight, loses weight; has a brief flirtation with a bow tie, moustache, Sheryl Crow. Poor guy.

Is that...is that a bow tie Jobs is wearing there?

The Full House parody.

Jobs went through a heavy Kraftwerk era.

Promo from Jobs's Japanese gangsta movie.

Jobs was a secret New Wave fan, Gates, well...he was going through a rough time.

Geppetto's creation.

I like this, his long hair looks silky-smooth.

Buy this iPod...or I will shoot lasers from my eyes.

Did they photoshop Jobs's head on Ive's body?

Jobs is given the Warhol treatment.

After a hard day at work, Jobs likes nothing better than to have Gates give him a rub-down.

"How he plans to save the music biz"...with Sheryl Crow?

Steve throws a curveball.

That mustache is definitely a risk.