Take a look at some gadgets we've only teased you with that are now shipping. A rugged and red Casio, an Olympus hybrid, an LG phone (with a butt), and an iPhone camera-mount shaped like a Batarang.

The Olympus E-P2 is basically a re-hash of the E-P1 with a few improvements. Most importantly it has a Continuous Autofocus (C-AF) Tracking System that follows subjects through the frame, addressing one of the E-P1's shortcomings. There's still no flash and—depending on your taste in camera colors—is painted black. $1100 may be a bit steep for this guy, but if you're into the whole retro looking Olympus scene then this should satisfy nicely. Get it here.

CASIO Exilim EX-G1, the quintessential outdoorsy-action camera. It can withstand an impact from seven feet, operate underwater at 10 feet for a whole hour, and has a posse of shooting modes for fast action. It shoots decent enough video—though not HD—at 30 frames per second, certainly not a bad deal at $300. If you plan on hitting the slopes this season or snorkeling in the tropics be sure to consider this bright red specimen—its color should also make it easy to find in whatever satchel you chuck it in. Though if that's not your thing it is also available in black. See it at Amazon.

The OWLE iPhone 3GS Video Mount certainly does look interesting. Seemingly designed with Xbox controllers and Batarangs as inspiration it's clearly a unique take on iPhone mounts. Whether you want smoother video for high-octane events or a video camera that allows you to pistol-whip somebody into submission, this could be the ticket. Available here.

The LG Expo is the little smartphone with a fat ass. That's because it has an optional pico projector you can click on the back to display images of your cat wearing pants at distances of up to 8 feet. In addition to the 1GHz processor shoved inside, this guy's running Windows Mobile 6.5 on a 3.2-inch touchscreen and has a 5MP camera. It's $200 on contract and an additional $180 for the pico. See it at AT&T here.