I told the bride to run, as the water is very cold, she had no problem with this. I handheld the camera and came up with some lovely shots.
Canon 5D Mk1 & Canon EF 35mm f/2
1/10s @ f/5, ISO100
Sigma500 flash @ 1/2 power
-Kurt Elster

Shot of Uptown Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada with a Nikon D3000, 30 second exposure, f/13 aperature with 100 ISO
-Jeff Edmanson

This was a complete and total accident, so i do not have the required settings for the contest.
However I was using a Sony Cybershot 10.1 megapixel point and shoot camera. All of the settings were on automatic at the time, so this is as spontaneous and accidental as possible.
However I think it is a great shot! As you can tell (or at least assume) I am at a NY Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Took this shot to try and capture the essence of the crowd.
-Jeffrey Cohen

Canon 20D, 17-85 IS lens. -Tom Molczynski

This was taken with my iPhone as I was driving along a road on my way to work at (slightly superlegal) speed. Unfortunately, I do not have any editing software here at work to blow it up to wallpaper size, so I'm just submitting as-is from the iPhone. Personally, while I admit that the iPhone is certainly not the best camera around in terms of specs, it does get some great shots every now and again...besides, the saying is "the best camera is the one you have with you", or something to that effect. Anyway, I love this shot and would make it into a poster if I could! I sent to all my car enthusiast friends who also love it. I'll be putting it on my MacBook as wallpaper tonight!
Equipment: iPhone 3G
Settings: 'Camera' app
Technique: Hold phone with two hands (stupid on-screen shutter button!) whilst steering with wrists
-Christopher DiOrio

I shot these photos (this is the most dynamic one in my opinion) with a Nikon D40, 18-200mm lense. No its not a zoom blur from photoshop, I physically zoomed in/our on the subject with the following settings: f/6, 1/80 sec exposure time, 200 ISO. -nerv11

Canon Rebel XTi on a tripod doing a 25 second exposure of a tree on a windy night. The original plan was to assemble several pictures together to get streaks from all the airplanes flying in the background, but alas it was dinner time and I was hungry so that plan got thrown out the window as food got thrown down my gullet. In post I cooled down the white balance a bit to turn it from an orange hue to a blue one.
The hardest part was getting the focus right. It wouldn't auto-focus so I had to set it to manual and I took a series of photos each with the focus changed by a small amount until I got one that was sharp enough for my tastes
Camera: Canon Rebel XTi
Lens: 50mm 1.8
ISO: 200
Shutter Speed: 25 Seconds
Aperture: f/5.6
-Collin May

I currently use a nikon D-70. I usually use 2 lenses. a 50mm prime and a zoom lens 28-200mm.
since most of the shots were taken at night, I kept the ISO between 800 and 1600...I'm not the kind of person who writes it down..I just shoot and hope for the best.
If you have any questions, let me know!!
-Jamin Shoulet

Taken with a Canon XTi, wearing a Canon 28-135.
Focal Length: 28mm
Aperture: f/3.5
ISO: 200
Shutter Speed: 20 seconds
We noticed that the tide was coming in and crashing on the rocks, so I quickly set my camera on a tripod, and clicked the shutter. I set it up with a ten-second delay to give me time to get in position. I outlined her with a green LED headlamp, which took about 15 seconds. Then switched to a bright white LED headlamp to paint her with white light for the four or five remaining seconds of the exposure. Notice that the wave action is blurred, in addition to the blurring of the green light. -Justin Woods

hooting summary:
canon 5dm2
17-40 mm lens (zooming while exposing)
ISO 100

this is part of an ongoing series of images presented in lightboxes. they are cityscapes...
Often exposed at night, these are all found lighting situations printed with minimal digital manipulations. I take many exposures, experimenting with subtleties and dramas, hunting for how a certain flick of the wrist divulges new information or drawing out an exposure to intensify a scene.
Motion and time are rendered visible, graphically revealing the latent rhythms and patterns of the material world while tracing the camera's navigation through it. My interest also lies in process: how to balance the chaos of a moving camera with the control gained over patient experimentation.
I am concerned with what motion reveals about the quality of a light source: does it flicker or vibrate, does it intersect with other lights, does it reveal an architectural shape or obscure it? These images blend a thin slice of space and a thick slice of time to create a fiction from a mundane reality. -Ari Salomon

Taken with Nikon D50 at f3.5, for 0.4 seconds. Focal length (35 mm equivalent) was 28 mm. ISO unknown. No flash used.
Shot at Somersworth, NH, during January 18, 2010 snow storm as snow plow made its morning run. Camera was steadied on a window sill. While trying to get hand-held "night" shots of the storm, the plow passed by ... noted exposure was OK, but too long an exposure for hand-held, steadied camera on window sill, composed shot, waited for plow to make its pass in the other direction, and then shot continuously as it "flew" by. -Mike Watman

Title: Spinning. Shot with a Canon Rebel XSi handheld. Cambridge, MA -Henry Hayes

Hello. As they say, longtime reader, first time caller.
Attached photo(s) taken from a Blackberry Tour week of January 18th 2010. -Justin Zeefe

Location of the pictures: Zoo Lights Phoenix Arizona
When: January 03 2010
Camera: The crappy Iphone built camera, obviously no lens
Technique: My nephew is playing with one of those MadeInChinaMulticolorForKidsFlashLights that they sold at the zoo for Zoo lights. He was swinging around so the crappy Iphone camera is Slow enough to create the cool efect. -Miguel Guillen

This is a shot of a creek nearly overflowing its banks. Shot in the rain, with a plastic ziplock bag to protect the camera.
Camera settings: ISO 250, 1/100 F 3.5. Canon 5D MK2. 28mm. RAW.
- Keith Chancey

In this shot I used an Olympus E- 520 with an 80-300mm lens. Shutter speed sat at 2" and aperture at F5.3. I set up a work light in the background for proper lighting and simply used a tripod for the actual shot -Tyler Besh

For this shot I am using a Canon Rebel XTi in manual mode using a Tamron 70-300mm f4.0-5.6 Di LD Macro lens, 100 ISO, f5.6, 3.2sec exposure. It's a shot of the city's lights while moving, blurring them into a streak. -Cameron Johnson

Shot on my D90. Luckily there is a little snow around here still. Went out in my back yard at the end of a very long walk in the snow with my dog. ISO 250, 300mm, f5.6, 1/100 sec shutter. warmed this up a bit in Lightroom, dropped the blacks a bit, and that's about it. Thanks for checking it out! -Tyler Vitello

This is my favorite Korg, and I thought this would be pretty cool to capture "In motion!"
I used a Canon Rebel T1I
20 Second Exposure
18-55mm Lens (shot at 27mm)
ISO 100
Developed in Lightroom2
And my lighting was a small fluorescent tube light, the size you would put in a closet and such... -Marcel Maynard

This photo was taken this afternoon using my Canon Digital Rebel T1i with a Canon EF 70-300mm 1:4-5.6 IS USM lens. My daughter and I were out on the lake, and she was running and throwing herself onto the ice, gliding towards me. I took several photos, but this one was the best, where her face is in focus, but hair, hands and feet are blurred my movement. I was using Aperture Priority set at f/13.0 and the shutter speed was 1/100, ISO 160. The sun was standing low, but it was still fairly light. -Anders Wahlby

-Katie Moore

Camera: Canon Rebel XTi
Lens: Canon 18-55 Zoom lens
ISO: 400
Speed: 1/200
F-Stop: 5.6
Focal Length: 18mm
Thought this'd be a cool pic to enter in the contest, I used a bit of blur (obtained through panning) in order to sharpen the focus of the photograph on the soap box car. I did not take this photo this week, but I'm emailing it to you guys just in case I don't have a chance to pull my camera out later on (you may think it's cool, who knows?). -AJ Sellarole

I took this on Lummi Island with a GH1, stock lens, left the shutter open for 10 seconds. I took it on friday, so I don't know if that counts. Maybe I'll send in another. Cheers! -Dan Filbin

Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Lens: Canon EF 28-135mm IS USM
Aperture: f/5.6
Shutter Speed: 5 seconds
ISO: 100
Focal Length: 135mm
Tripod Mounted
Well there you have it. Really, the first trick I've tried to do with this camera since I bought it a few weeks back. This is my attempt successful or otherwise to put a twist on the classic cars in motion blur effect. I was surprised and delighted to see that the green and red lights were nearly identically exposed... sorry orange light, you get no love. -Chris Mulhern

Camera D90
Lens Tokina 12-24 DXII
Flash SB-600
ISO 125
1/200 sec
f/10 -Kevin Curry

Canon SD630 "Japanese Dance" -Morgan Ziegler

shot with Nikon D90, 70 - 200 F2.8, f3.2 @ 1/40th -Frank Reinsel

Camera: Nikon D90
Lens: Nikon DX AF-S 35mm f/1.8
Exposure: 1/25
F-stop: 2.5
Brief Technique:
My technique is probably the best - hand the camera over to my wife. Once I completed that crucial first step, I grabbed my cat's favorite toy and let her do the work (her applies to my cat, Moxie, as well as my wife, Paige). -Chris Allen

Camera: Canon 50D
Lens: 50mm f/1.4
F/stop: f/11
Shutter: 1/40
ISO: 100
No flash
While my brother was running around like an idiot, I matched my panning with his speed and squeezed the shutter. Light processing to fix contrast -Michael Fornolles

-Luis Garcia

Canon T1i, Sigma 30mm f/1.4 wide open, ISO 800, shutter 0.3. -Juan Carlos Arrea

Camera: Canon 5D MKII
Lens: 85mm 1.2L
ISO: 100
Aperture: f/ 1.2
Shutter Speed: 2s
Capture time: 12:15:18AM Jan 21, 2010
I shot the picture in the dark on top of a black piano to get the reflection. I had the wife light the lighter moving only the thumb capture motion blur of lighting the flint and the shooting flame and sparks. The shallow dof keeps only part of the box and lighter in focus.
thanks -Dave Lin

Picture of a carousel at night in London taken without a tripod and
after a few drinks. I wanted to test out the low light performance of
my new Canon S90 point-and-shoot camera and decided to lengthen the
shutter speed and see what I ended up with. This is the first time
I've ever submitted a photo to the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge.
Camera: Canon S90
Shutter Speed: 0.81 sec
Aperture: F/8
Focal Length 6mm
ISO: 80
Exposure Compensation: -0.7 step
-David McGibbon

Camera: Gatan US1000 CCD camera.
Gear: Tecnai G2 BioTWIN electron microscope
Magnification: 130.000X (scale bar indicating 100 nm found at lower edge of 800px image)
Integration (=exposure) time: 2.526 s
Binning: 1
Subject: Neisseria gonorrhoeae stained with Ammonium molybdate
The big black thing in the middle of the image is a single diplococcus from the species Neisseria gonorrhoeae (i.e. the bacteria giving you the clap). The motion blur is a result of the underlying support film (greyish web) disintegrating during image exposure, due to the intensity of the electron beam required for imaging at this magnification. The only manipulation of the image file is contrast adjustment and tif->jpeg conversion. If you are interested, a larger field of view of a similar sample (without blur) can be found here for comparison. The motion blur image is snapped specifically for this contest at the end of today's experiments, since it irrevocably destroyed my sample.
In summary: I felt free to use more advanced techniques and captured motion blur the way I like. -Jens Eriksson

This picture of one an awesome band: Tweak Bird.
Taken with my Canon Rebel Xsi, with an efs 18-55mm kit lens. ISO 800 (auto, no flash mode).
-Andrea Zeppilli

Equipment: Kodak C913
Settings: Was set for nighttime
Technique: It was actually a mistake. I wish I could take these types of candid pictures all the time! -Priscilla Dubcak

Nikon D300
1960's nikon manual 50 mm lens
iso~ 200
editing tools~ lightroom
City Of Rockford Illinois parking Garage rooftop 2 am. For some
unexplainable reason there just happened to be a crap load of crows. -Matt Williams

This is my dog Sunny, he's a samoyed, he generally looks like he just came out of the dryer, but in this pic he was shaking and created that wobble effect.
I used for this shot a Sony A100, 35-70 lens, 1/250 . -Giuseppe Mercadante

Attached is a photo of downtown Calgary. I used a Canon SX10 IS, on a tripod. I used 8 second exposure and 100 ISO and just moved the tripod a tiny bit to get this blur. Here is the flickr link, and there are many more blur photos in this photo's set. -Alex Flint

Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T1i
Lens: 18-55m F/3.5
Focal Length:28 mm
ISO Speed:100
Exposure Bias:-1/3 EV
-Shant Meguerdichian

Camera body: Canon EOS 10D
Lens: EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM
ISO 400
Shutter speed: 6 seconds
Focal length: 17mm
Aperture: f/8
Find a location with several street lights at different heights and directions. Set camera to long exposure, and self timer to 10 seconds, grab the shoulder & neck strap firmly and start swinging the camera around. Experiment, experiment and experiment. Something interesting will eventually come out of it. I took this around dusk to get some blue in the shot. Interestingly you can see the frequency of the electric lights in the light trails. Obviously not the most original technique, but the pulsating lights give a nice twist to it. -Petri Tuohimaa

Canon 30D
28-105m IS L-series lens
ISO 100
I was trying to catch the bird at flight, however by accident it turned into a blur.
Its of a wild blue bird, I don't which species, but the result of its flight past my lens, I though was quite beautiful. Here is the bird before its launch, if you have an ontologist among you, who can identify the species: - Kristoffer

Here is my entrie. I used 400 ISO Kodak Professional B&W Tri-X film on my dad's Minolta Maxxum 5. This shot was in Las Vegas on the strip. I didn't have a tri-pod, so I leaned against a wall right by the intersection I photographed, and had my little brother kneel down so I could use his back as arm support. I didn't write down the exposure but I have a pretty good idea that I was at f(6.3) and .5" Later I scanned the negatives into my computer and added the red windows through photoshop—I like the effect that it has on the photograph, but you can take whatever you want from it. -Tyler Palmer

"BMW in Motion"
I shot this picture sitting by the side of the road, attempting to shoot the car photos you see in magazines where the car is in focus and the background is blurred, indicating motion. However, to do this properly would require me to have a rig and move at the same speed as the car in a parallel track. Instead, I just pivoted the camera with the car for a ghetto effect that came out well. Then I made it black and white. Shot with a Canon Digital Rebel XS, 1/2sec exposure, f/22, ISO 100, 18mm focal length.
-Adam Long

Taken with an old Olympus E-1. 1.3 s, 2.9 f
Aloha! -Tisa

I used my iPhone instead of my D60 just to try something new out. I did the opposite of what I think most people will do. instead of having the subject move around and be blurred, I rotated the iphone around the axis of the camera to blur the edges of the photo. It's not as blurred as I was hopping, but it almost looks like a tilt shift picture. I wasn't originally intending it to look black and white, but the high contrast of the scene made it look this way. -Jordan Horwich

This is a picture of my Bull Terrier, Enzo, running at the dog park. I used my HTC Hero (Sprint) 5MP with default settings. I held the phone up and has he ran past I moved the phone in pace with him and snapped the photo. -Nicholas Peden

Olympus E-420, Olympus Zukio 14-42mm 1:3.7-5.6 @ 24mm with 0.25x Rowa Super Fisheye adaptor, f/9, 2 sec, ISO 200. -Peter Norris

This picture was taken in my back yard with my Canon XTi using a Sigma 15-30mm Ultra Wide Angle Lens set at 26mm.
Picture was taken in Shutter Priority Mode with the shutter set at 1/4 second and an f stop of 16. ISO speed was 200. Also - no flash was used.
I had my daughter and her friend run back and forth several times across the yard before I got it right. As they ran, I followed them with the camera, which kept them (mostly) in focus and the background whizzed by and their arms and legs went in circles. While not a work of art, I am pretty happy with the results that actually show the subjects in motion.
No trees were killed in the sending of this message. HOWEVER, a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced. -Brian Reed

Taken with Nikon D700, Nikkor 17-35mm f/2,8 AF-S
0,77 sec, f/16, ISO 1600, 17mm, colors set to Standard. When I saw this Merry-go-round I just put the camera in Shutter priority mode and dialed in 0,77 sec to get some nice trails of lights. Handheld. -Grega Mali

Pretty simple set up here, just took a snap of my friend using a Nikon
D60. The camera was stationary while he stepped forward.
Shutter Speed: 1/5
Apature: f/7 -Jeremy Sandlin

Here is my submission for the shooting challenge for the week of January 20-January 24. It was shot on a p&s Casio Exilim EX-S5 on Auto ISO, no flash, and daytime white balalnce. I'm a beginner as far as photography is concerned, and this image was untouched except for resizing in irfanview. thanks -Joel Summerville

i shot this pic handheld while driving, nikon d300 -Frank Guido

This was shot with a Canon Digital Rebel XT, 70-300mm non-IS lens @90mm, f/4, 1/30 sec ISO 200. -Tim Stoklas

Hardware: D700 + 50mm ƒ/1.4G
Specs: ƒ3.2 // ISO 100 // 3.0sec
Description: Typing on a Logitech Dinovo Edge. -Kyle Robell

Believe it or not, there is only basic photoshop manipulation (contrast and light balance mostly and a bit of healer to cleanout some spots) in this picture, and a pinch of flash while exposing to give this very eerie look.
Nikon D60, 50mm 1;1.2 lens, 20s f1.2 -Gilbert Gosselin

For this shot I used my Nikon D3000 with the 18-55mm kit lens. For the water, tree and grass I set it for a 10 second exposure, and for lighting up myself I used a 5 second exposure. It took about 30 exposures to get all the different elements I wanted. I shot them all in RAW and used my camera's built-in image overlay function to put them all together. Then I tweaked the lighting and colors a little bit in Photoshop and SHABLAMA!!! -Michael Strack

Shot inside of medical tent in Haiti with stroke victim being rushed in for treatment.
Canon 5D Mark II
24-105 L IS
24 mm
ISO 3200
Shutter 1/8 sec -Jeff Negrete

Nikon D90
Nikon DX 18-105 @25mm
.80 s
ISO 200
Hope you like. This is my first submission. I actually took the photo not even thinking about the Gizmodo Photo Challenge, which I always look at. When I got home tonight I remembered all about the blurry challenge. So here it is. -Blake Choquer

Just a pic of my dog Frank's tail. He's 6 months old.
Camera: Canon T1i
Lens: 18-55mm
ISO: 1600
Exp: 1/13
Taken: 1/20/10 -CJ Dickinson

This photo was taken at Humboldt Redwoods State Park. I was in the passenger seat of a moving vehicle going about 40 mpg when I stuck my camera out the window to get this shot. My friend who was driving at the time asked, "are you nuts?" for even attempting that shot with my D90, but when I showed him the shot immediately after I took it he said, "whoa.." Taken at 10mm, f/9.0, 1/30, ISO 640 with a 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5 Nikkor lens mounted on a Nikon D90. -Kyle Greenwell

I simply used my trusty Canon EOS Rebel T1i with a Canon EF-S18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens. ISO at 1600. No tripod, nothing special.
Great contest idea by the way! -Colin Budd

Camera toss in front of computer monitor.
Canon G10
.5 sec shutter speed
f/2.8 -Chris Andrews

This was taken at a park just outside Melbourne, Australia. As most motion blur is subject-based (i.e. steadying the camera, extending the exposure, and letting the subject blur against the background), I instead chose to freeze the subject against a moving background. I waited until the kangaroo started running tangentially to my view, then quickly began sprinting next to him. It took a few attempts (and a few different kangaroos, some of which were more amenable to the idea than others), but this one came out pretty crisp.
Equipment & Settings:
Camera: Canon EOS 300D
Lens: Canon 18 - 55mm, f/3.5 - 5.6, EF-S mount (kit lens)
ISO: 200
Aperture: f/29
Exposure Time: 1/25" -Chris Hannemann

Here is my entry. It was shot on 1/21/2010 using a Canon 20D with a 28-80mm L lens at 100 ISO on a tripod. I believe this was a 4 second exposure shot at f11. -Mike Kim

I used a Canon EOS 7D
Aperture f/16
shutter speed 1/8
ISO 200
To get this, I took two shots. 1 shot was a static shot of the city and the 2nd was a snap zoom. In photoshop I combined the two images and did some colorizing. -James Hale

55 mm Lens
1/4 seconds
ISO 100 -Chris Johnson

Shot in the Cologne Cathedral in Germany.
Nikon D90, 18-200 mm lens.
ISO 200, 1/1,6s, f/5, WB on cloudy.
-Gala Dolezal

S3100 Fijifilm camera, taken out the window of a high speed moving vehicle. I'm sorry that my largest photo isn't 2560x1600, but I figured I'd still submit what I had regardless. - Kimberly Adams

As a part of my Anger-Management, i attached my Canon Eos 500D with the basic 18-55mm lens to my Katana blade and smashed that BSOD.
Shutter speed 1sec.
Note: No Monitors were harmed during this shot. ...and to be fair... the BSOD was a fake too. -Bobo the Teddy

My equipment was a Canon Rebel XTI at ISO 200 with standard 18-55mm f/4-5.6 kit lens set at 43mm and f/11 on a tripod. Set the camera to 2 second exposure and went to cutting. Since cooking is a pretty big part of my life I figured combining the skill of cooking with the finesse of photography was a good challenge. I used a standard 10" chef's knife to chop up some sweet peppers, baby carrots, and celery stalks and used the knife to create a blur while I was chopping another piece of red sweet pepper. -Frank Olszewski

I shot this photo with my Canon Rebel Xti using my 18-55mm lens, f/32, 2 second exposure, ISO-1600, no flash -David Doty

I shot these with my Nikon D40 with the AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G lens. The ISO was 200, shutter was 3 seconds and the Aperture was f/11. I was just playing on the floor with the kids and my son's usual exuberance with his toys made me grab the camera. This is the boy slowly chasing a motorized toy farm tractor. And yes, that is the blurry diaper view... -Peter Berg

I took a photo of a calligraphist walking away with several signs with custom text. I used a Nikon D90 with an 18-200mm lens. I used an aperture of f/4.2, ISO 400, 1/13 shutter (for a touch of motion blur), +1 exposure comp, and a focal length of 32. Pretty nifty, eh? Unfortunately, I took the picture as a portrait before I realized it, so the wallpaper will have a lot of white space on the outside. -Michael Fisher

On a trip to Atlantic City NJ, I captured this sitting at a red light using a Nikon D90. Streaks of light was captured using a 1 sec exposure and an ISO of 1000. Focal length was 32mm, but that is not really important because all I did was snap the picture at max focal length (105mm), then steadily zoom in until the shutter closed at 32mm. -Pedro Leal

This image was shot with a nikon D2X, 120mm nikkor, f10 @ 1/13.. It is three images, shot in rapid succession, layered together in photoshop to create this image of blurred speed.
-William MacCollum

A swirling hottub, walking across the hot tub stopping every ten seconds, for ten seconds.
Nikon D90
18-200mm, tripod, remote shutter
f16, iso 200, bulb. -Jason Simmonds

Hello. Picture taken with a Canon 7d, 17-55 f/2.8 lens at 23 mm f/4. 8 second exposure at ISO 200.
The shoot: Shot in the dark, with flash set on 2nd curtain. Illuminated the subject with a flashlight so that the camera would capture his motion as he moved across the frame. The darkened room/spotlight combo captured motion a lot better than just a long exposure in a well-lit room. -Greg Chow

I used a Nikon Coolpix P5100 point and shoot. I took a picture of a piece of art that I made (which also contains movement). I turned the camera as I shot the painting. Painting for sale at
Aperture f4/7
Shutter Speed 1/15
ISO 100 -Walt Hale

Im submitting two pictures. The first was taken at the Jacob Javits Center motorcycle show yesterday. The second was at Teterboro airport in NJ. I used a Canon G11 camera for those pictures. I'm not super happy with the pictures, but Im just learning how to use the camera. The airplane landing was taken a few weeks ago, so I understand if you don't want to use it. I just was amazed that I could do stuff like that with this camera. I will continue to try to enter the contests, so keep them coming. -Daniel Kolasa

Taken with a Casio EX-F1 high-speed camera of Thor's hammer smashing a piece of ice into oblivion. I basically went around hitting ice with a hammer and shooting the results at 60FPS, adjusting settings as I went through my supply. Exposure settings: 1/200 second at ISO 400 and f/4.1 at 361 mm (35mm equivalent). -Kieran Wilson

When I took this shot, I was trying to get the red of the curb to catch the pink of the rim. Not until I got it in the computer did I notice the green tire with the grass in the sidewalk. And then the woman walking and the blurred taxi behind her? OMG. I love this shot.
And I totally got lucky.
Settings: ISO 200, f/18, 1/30, Aperture Priority, Canon Rebel XT with 50mm f/1.8 lens.
It's a little blur, but it's there! -Gwon Chang

This image is in response to the motion blur photo contest. It was taken at a track meet at Lehigh University on January 23 (today). The camera (Canon Rebel Xti) was mounted on a tripod next to the second hurdle in the college womens 60 meter hurdle race. It captures six women traveling over the hurdle almost simultaneously. Shot details: f/4, 1/20 sec., ISO-800, EFS18-55mm lens. Thanks. -Brian Monetti

Canon EOS Digital Rebel T1i, Kit Lens, 18-55mm IS
Shutter: .3 Seconds
F-Stop: 14
Focal Length: 25mm
ISO: 100 -Jared Augenstein

So we went to Disney World with my family this week, and we went to Hollywood Studios. Great park, I sat through their show twice to get this nice shot. I used my Kodak z812is (I know, non DSLR, I'm ashamed...) with 3 shot bursts while panning with the car. No flash, ISO of 100, 1/40 sec exposure -Tommy Hu

Polaroid 600SE, Type-665 (ISO80), 1/15-ish... -Skorj

Canon XSi, shutter speed 0.6sec, f/5.0, focal length 18mm, ISO 100 -Marco Mendoza

Had a work function last night at the Glen Cove Mansion in Long Island. Decided to go out at 2am and take some shots of the grounds. Ended up catching this as a vehicle was leaving.
Hope it wins me a prize!
Canon 5D, 24-105mm f/4 L IS
ISO 200 @ 35mm
20 sec @ f/22
- 2 EV
Tripod -Peter Lawton

Equipment Used:
Canon 7D
Canon 15-85mm IS EFS Lens
Cokin P.153 ND Filter
Manfrotto Tripod
And my Car
I put a tripod around my seating position and positioned the camera on that so that there was minimum movement within the car. I closed the aperture down to f.22 and shutter speed to 1/8 Second with the ND filter on the lens. I drove around looking for a point at which a car in front of me would turn and I took the photo while trying to turn my car - albeit a bit hard trying also to change the gear!
-Pavitar Singh

Shutter-priority mode (S on the Nikon dial) and set shutter speed to 0.25s. Aperture set automatically to f4.5. ISO is manually set to 100 for the least noise-level available.
I used the normal Nikon D60 with the kit lens and started zoomed in. While zooming out I pressed the shutter release. That is done to keep the zooming out at a more or less constant speed and to ensure a focus even when handholding the camera. The zooming out stopped before the exposure had finished in order to get the sharp view in the center.
Post-processing (aligning horizontally and color correction) in Adobe LightRoom and Photoshop. -Jan Tschopp

Used a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX8. I slowed down its shutter to the most I could using the "slow Shutter" feature. I placed the camera on one side of my computer chair seat and the beer bottle on the other. I set a 2 second time delay, set up the picture, pressed the shutter button and then started to spin the chair until the photo had been taken. Sorry I don't know iso settings or anything else – they were all set on auto. -Matthew Sutton

Exposure 1/60 sec at 5,6 aperture, Canon G11
I used my Canon G11 set to shutter speed priority and a model a nazi Messerschmitt bf 109. I held the aircraft in the wingtip, rested the camera on my arm, and then rotated. I must have looked quite stupid spinning around like that! It was important to cut out the propeller blades because obviously they weren't moving. The only editing i have done is setting the exposure and vibrance in Adobe Lightroom. -Loui Nydelius

Girl, dog playing with a glowstick.
Shot with handheld Canon 5D MKII with 17-40 f4.0 @ 1sec exposure time f/10 iso 1600 -George Tsogis

This is a shot taken driving down 6th street in wonderful Philadelphia, PA at 35 mph. Canon Rebel XS with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens.
ISO: 1600
Shutter speed: 1/4
Aperture: f/3.5
-Emilio Madrigal

Step 1: Get inspiration for idea. (I struggled with an idea. So I played around with glowsticks till I got one.)
Step 2: Get off my duff and walk down to the pier.
Step 3: Setup tripod riiiiiight on the edge of the surf. (and get shoes wet in the process)
Step 4: Use remote to trigger timer on camera.
Step 5: Wait. (get cold, because I am dumb and did not wear a proper jacket.)
Camera Details:
Nikon D5000 with 18-55mm lens on the worlds crappiest tripod. Honestly, the stupid tripod cant even hold my camera level, it just flops to one side.
Picture Details:
74.5 second exposure at f/9 at 55mm
Camera setup:
Manual focus (way to dark for autofocus), manual exposure (used the remote to trigger the time), custom white balance (those stupid streetlights do funky things to colors), ISO 400 (would have used ISO 200 but then the exposure would have been TOO LONG), custom picture style, no flash(dance).
I drank a little Photoshop Kool-Aid and corrected a little tilt (stupid tripod+wet sand=tilted photo...) and did a wee bit of noise reduction before I resized. I honestly cannot stand noise, and there were some splotches in the sky/background that were bugging me on the wallpaper size. If noise were a person, I'd punch them in the face for being so obnoxious. -Cory Efland

Taken with Nikon D40 f/4.5 , 4.5 sec , ISO 200, used fence for stability. Photo taken in moderate rain and fog. -Ruben Fernandez

Hi Attached is a copy of my Blurry Photo. I took it on Friday at the NY Motorcycle Show in the Javitz Center. I used a Nikon D60 and just left the shutter speed at 1/15, ISO1600. I was watching the Ducati Stunt Team and this is the best of the Blur shots I got. -Isaac Hattem

1-22-2010 from Hell's Kitchen. Canon 40D 10-22mm wide-angle lens. No flash, 10mm, ISO 282, Shutter priority. f/4.6, 1 sec exposure. -Bradley Witover

Camera: Nikon D90
Lens: 18-105
ISO 1000
Shutter- 1/5 sec
This is one of many tries to get this shot.
As far as technique, longer exposure and experimenting with the rotation on the camera while the camera exposes. -Michael Schocker

Camera: Nikon D200
Lens: Nikon 20-35mm F2.8 AF-D set @ 20mm
Exposure: 9 seconds @ f8, ISO 200
Used a Manfrotto 3292 car window pod and clamped it to my passenger side visor. A Nikon remote cord was used to trigger the shutter. -Alex Sharifi

Hot Wax. I had visions of lashing the camera to my car and shooting an awesome Dukes of Hazard-style scene, but it's been raining all weekend, so I made due with what I had in the house. Tripod mounted Cannon T1i with EF-S 18-55mm lens set at 25mm. 5 sec exposure at f7.0 and ISO 100. -Brian Collier

We had a big storm in Phoenix this week (well, big for Phoenix anyway) and I took this shot sitting on the balcony of my apartment building. The wind was moving the trees around quite a bit. This was taken with my Canon PowerShot S2 IS using the shutter priority mode at 0.8 seconds. -Cynthia D'Angelo

Canon T1i Shot while skiing in Vail this weekend. 18-55mm lens @ 39mm, ISO 100, F/20, 1/15th. Editing done in Adobe Lightroom 2 -Justin Schoenborn

The camera is a Canon Rebel T1I. ISO: 400, Exposer time: 1/2 sec, f/8. Technique: I set up a small area on my table with the black cloth as a backdrop. I set up a halogen desk lamp next to the camera to create the trail effect and use the 2nd curtain of the flash to capture the die at the end of their path. I did a minimal amount of post processing to cut the glare from my pasty ass hand. -Chris Franklin

Shot of my son swinging an aluminum bat in our backyard. The goal was to try and capture the "halo" created by the bat as it made its path into and through the strike zone.
Camera: Canon 20D,
Lens: 50mm f/1.4
Picture Details: IS0 200 1/13 sec at f/2.0 (No Flash)
Technique: Pretty simple actually. The camera was hand-held, I was positioned at about waist height. -Jamie Hamilton

I used a Nikon D700 with a Nikkor 14-24mm Wide Angle Lens and a shutter speed of 3 seconds. I set the camera on a timer and hit a ping pong ball. -Pranil Vora

For this image it took me about 6 or so tries to get it "right." Or as close to right as possible. It was taken a lil after midnight using a Nikon D90, AF-S Nikkor 18-105mm lens, the nikon ML-L3 wireless remote, a Sunpak platinum plus tripod (as if that made a difference) and the light bulb from the refrigerator.
The settings were:
Aperture: F9
Shutter Speed: 30secs
Metering: Center-Weighted
ISO: 320
I basically stood off to the left to active the shutter using the ML-L3 remote. Stood there 10 seconds. Stood in front of the refrigerator for 15 seconds. walked away for the last 5 seconds. -Tennyson Brown

I used a Canon EOS Rebel T1i with a Canon 18-55mm lens. No flash, ISO 1000, shutter speed 1/30", focal length 29mm, aperture f/4.5. Taken on Chicago's CTA train system. I actually set out to get a motion blurred shot of the subway, but while traveling on the red line, I accidentally caught this picture of a fellow passenger and liked the style. -Neil Gupta

This was shot with a canon 7D with the 18-200mm lens. I had the ISO down to 100 and aperture stopped to 14 as the background was quite bright. I shot this in bulb for one second. I was zoomed in at 50 mm and as soon as the exposure started I then zoomed out to a wide angle of 18mm. This is a brass trophy that I saw on my window sill and thought it might make an interesting picture. -Zackery Leman

Camera: Canon 50D
Lens: 28-13@60mm
ISO: 200
Shutter Speed: 1/13s
Aperture: f/4.5
Flash: No
Tripod: No (Handheld)
Shot this at an ice skating rink. Chose my subject and panned as he zoomed across the rink.
-Varun Mehta

Canon EOS Rebel XS
EFS18-55mm Canon Lens
3"2 @ f7.1
Camera stabilized by steering wheel
Taken in garage with all lights off
Placed car in park
Clicked the shutter and stepped on the gas, gradually increasing pressure -John Tabak

I shot this while i was hanging out at my friends house, a few beers and a camera produced this strange example of motion blur. It is of a christmas decoration he had yet to put away that uses the heat from the candles the drive the spinning blades.
My shot details
canon 50d
FSteop: F22
Shutter : 10 seconds
Iso: 100
Focal length: 45mm
Lens: 24-105 IS USM
Subject Distance: 1 meter
-Stephen Ziehr

Took a couple of tries before we got it right, but essentially to snag this shot, I locked the focus on my friend biking, and panned the camera to match his movement. And on to the nerdiness: Camera:Canon T1i with a Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, Focal Length: 24mm, Shutter Speed: 1/15, Aperture: f/11, ISO 400
-Isabell Lin

Taken while laying in bed with iPhone 3G, looks like he's breathing fire. -Meghan Malone

This is Malibu Creek. I used a Canon EOS 40D with a Tokina 11mm - 16mm lens. Shutterspeed: 1.5 seconds. Aperture: f/22. ISO: 100. Exposure bias: -2 -Gregg McClurg

Violet Parr from "The Incredibles," a 2004 McDonald's happy meal toy.
Canon 5D MarkII, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L
f/10, 1.0sec exposure, ISO100I used a black sweep, strong back light for highlights, a tripod, and prolonged exposure to achieve the photograph. -Michael Durr