In today's Remainders: Laughs! Technology bloggers have already chewed up and spit out the iPad over the last two frenzied days, and now the humor websites are having their say. But the real revelation here, folks, is the polar bear.

After days of deliberation, the college graduates at College Humor have decided on their revolutionary approach to mocking the iPad: metahumor. In this video, the CH team discuss how the iPad has fundamentally changed joke-making, allowing funny people everywhere to access jokes through sheer intuition rather than having to think them through. It's truly a comedic miracle. HUAH. [College Humor]

iPad Gets VoIP
Here we have Dom Joly chatting away on his new iPad. This is from the Funny or Die British site, mind you, so the humor is of a more subtle, situational variety. Like the BBC version of The Office. But we must point out that in this instance the Yanks got to it first. [Funny or Die]


PeeWee Laughs
PeeWee Herman, like John Herrman before him, made an iPad mock-up and then made some jokes with it. I'm not quite old enough to be part of the generation that appreciates PeeWee's weirdness. I'm just creeped out by it. [Funny or Die]


Ho-ly shit. Thanks to Aziz Ansari, we watched this introduction video for the Alaska Nanooks hockey team. And then we watched it again, and again, and again. Here are just a few of the things involved in this very special video: hockey sticks made of electricity; polar bears committing unspeakable acts of terrorism; hockey in space. I won't spoil any more. But suffice it to say that the Nanooks intro video the heir apparent to Chris Dane Owens' "Shine" for masterpiece CGI alternate universe video lulz. [Aziz is Bored]