We've seen augmented reality put ads on buildings and give cars superpowers. But when applied to a first-person shooter game like in this video? That's taking the intensity up just a notch or ten. UPDATED:

As you can see, once the player puts on his augmented reality helmet and goggles his surroundings are suddenly populated by machine-gun-toting baddies wielding SWAT-level armor. It seems like there's no penalty for shooting the "hostages," but anyone who's seen Speed knows that's just how it should be.


This is just a demo, so no telling how long until it's viable for mass use. But you know what I think? I think this technology and Duke Nukem Forever are destined for a simultaneous release.

UPDATE: Aw, nuts: according to readers more well-versed in Israeli entertainment than I am, this is just a fictionaly clip from a TV show. That doesn't mean I can't still love it as a concept, though! [Nowhere Else]