Beauty, love, ingenuity, forgiveness, and duct tape. This week's Now Available showcases some colorful cameras, a brilliant and simple home networking solution, a redeemed 27" display, and a tripod that turns your iPod Touch into bizarro Spiderman.

Panasonic GF1 (Colors!)

In the micro-four-thirds class of cameras this sucker is hard to beat. While these new colors definitely take away from the subtle Leica charm of the black model they're still solidly built and reliable devices. Coupled with a nice list of compatible lenses and you have a pretty competitive system. For the time being these guys are your best bet in the nascent digital four-thirds camera genre. Oh, and look forward to more color options stateside since Japan just got these offerings. Check em' out here.

Joby Gorillapod for iPod Touch

This malleable tripod comes from a purebred pedigree of handy and easy to use ultra-mobile camera accessories. Granted, those are designed for taking steady photos in awkward areas, while this guy is mainly used to provide convenient screen viewing on whatever you can perch it on. We're big fans of Gorillapods here at Gizmodo, so the introduction of a model specific to the iPod touch is a nice addition to the product line—though not a must have day-to-day accessory. If you've been getting by rigging up a kickstand out of duct tape and your retainer it's probably best not to mess with what works. For non-MacGuyver's you can snare it here.

Belkin Home Base

With your ever growing list of tech peripherals it's great to see a device that can help manage some of the chaos. The Belkin Home Base is rather remarkable in that it can adapt to whatever you wish to plug into one of its four USB ports. Your clunky printer under the desk can finally be moved and accessed remotely, freeing up some much needed foot room. That pile of external hard drives can be somewhat less of a pile if you take the largest and bulkiest and tether them into the Home Base. Really, at around $65 this thing should be a welcomed addition to clutter management. Save yourself here.

Dell 27" UltraSharp U2711

Yes. This is the same monitor involved in our ongoing iMac saga. But as we've pointed out Dell's version uses a conventional CCFL backlight as opposed to the iMac's LEDs. Since the LEDs are the likely culprits in jaundiced iMacs it's safe to go ahead and embrace these beautiful monsters. The $1099 price tag seems a tad high considering you can get a base 27" iMac for $1700, but if a matte finish and beautiful 2560 x 1440 resolutions are your thing then grab it, here.