Starcraft 2 is in beta and the impressions are rolling in. Aliens Vs. Predator has been reviewed. And the next Civilization game has a new, hexagonal combat system. Prepare for an information injection of painful (OK, slightly discomforting) proportions.

Starcraft II: Some Thoughts On The Beta
The most important news? It runs well without a top of the line machine.

New Starcraft II Screens, With That Beta-Fresh Smell
OK, so I'm kind of craving Starcraft all of the sudden.

Aliens Vs. Predator Review: Too Human
We know it's not going to be a great game, but everyone loves a throwback.

What's The Father of the PlayStation Doing These Days?
Playing Xbox?

All The Super Street Fighter IV Dudley, Makoto, And Ibuki You Can Stand
Blasphemy, I know. But I loathe one-off Street Fighter characters.

Activision Chief Regrets Not Making Guitar Hero With Harmonix
A rare moment of honesty.

Civilization V Hexes PCs This Fall
Somehow, Civ just got even geekier.

Alan Wake Preview: The First Full Episode
I confess: I didn't even read it. I don't want the slightest spoiler.

First Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Screens, Gameplay Videos Leak

2010: A Video Gamer's Guide
Every big trade show of the year, charted.
I'm surprised anyone under 20 even knows who Sonic is.