Comcast—aka Xfinity—has launched an online backup service called Secure Backup & Share. Current high-speed internet customers will get 2GB of storage for free, upgradeable up to 200GB for $100/year. But hey wait—didn't Comcast desperately need to cap data?

The service comes via a partnership with Mozy, with plans including the aforementioned free 2GB, a 50GB option for $5/month or $50/year, and 200GB for $10/month or $100/year. That's a decent price for cloud storage, but it'll also put you dangerously close to maxing out your monthly bandwidth allotment. And to be clear: Comcast has confirmed that the 200GB of storage will count against your cap.

Comcast users currently have a 250GB limit on the amount of data they can consume. If they use more than that, the reasoning goes, the internet might stop working altogether. Or something. Go over the cap twice in six months, and Comcast reserves the right to terminate your service.

So while giving users a storage option—some of it free, even!—is great, it just doesn't jive with the looming bandwidth crisis that Comcast has used to justify its draconian data caps. If you're going to put your files in the Comcast cloud, be ready to cut back on those Hulu visits. [CNET via Boy Genius Report]