Announced at CES, the GPS-enabled EX-10HG from Casio has been a bit of a mystery so far, but has just been given full launch details, with the price expected to be in the region of $400 when it hits in October.

That's a good 10-month long wait, and it's not like the EX-10HG is the first camera with geotagging—though Casio uses three-axis accelerometers and an orientation sensor for gauging the correct GPS position, which can sometimes become unclear when indoors. This 12.1-megapixel model has a 10x zoom lens and records video at 720p, so it's not like it's just a basic point and shoot with a GPS sensor rammed in as an afterthought.


Alternatively, the Eye-Fi Geo SD card adds geotagging to your photos, and doesn't have a 10-month wait. [Photography Bay via Gadget Venue via Geeky-Gadgets

Image Credit: DC Watch