In today's Remainders: Efficiency. Get out of your house and watch the Final Four basketball games in 3-D; treat yourself to some Chilean wine while supporting their relief effort; start choosing the color for your Dell Mini 5, and more.

Final Four In Three Dimensions
If actually going to the NCAA tournament isn't quite in your price range but just watching the games from your couch isn't quite mad enough for the full March Madness effect, you'll be glad to know that CBS Sports will be showing the Final Four contests live in 3-D at movie theaters nationwide. 3D sports is one of the big question marks in terms of its future as a home entertainment staple, so I'm actually pretty interested to see how these broadcasts turn out. Mark Cuban breathlessly described the experience as "the LSD of 2009," but, you know, I'm sure he stands to make millions from this type of thing so I'd like a more impartial take. To find out more information and see if there's a participating theater near you, sign up for more info at Cinedigm's site. [PR Newswire]

At today's Game Developer's Conference in California, Razer announced that they will be releasing Mac drivers for all of their gear. Excellent. And what with Steam coming to Mac soon, it looks like we could be entering a golden age of Mac gaming. Just to show you the mean it, Razer made the Mac drivers for their Naga MMO mouse available today. Head over to Razer to download the drivers and find out more. [Razer]

Drink Up
OK, so this isn't our normal thing, but we felt that it was only right to fill you all in on this excellent opportunity to 1. drink a lot of wine and 2. contribute to a worthy cause. Tomorrow is launching an initiative to raise $100,000 in relief for the victims of the recent Chilean earthquake. Their plan is simple (and generous): for every 12 bottles of Chilean wine purchased, they'll donate $100 to a Chilean non-profit. There are 16 bottles to choose from and they all run under $25, so if you like wine or like helping out (and especially if you like both), definitely head to their site for more information. []

Engadget got their hands on some documentation for the forthcoming Dell Mini 5 slate—the Android device that's either awkwardly sized between a smartphone and a tablet or smartly sized between a smartphone and a tablet, depending on who you talk to—and it looks like it will be a colorful affair. We'd only seen models with a striking red backplate, but from the looks of things it will be available with in all of the candy-colors Dell has been offering with its netbooks. Another piece of documentation refers to the slate as the "Streak," a name which we've heard before. It's unclear if that's the development name or if that's what they're really going with (in lieu of the Mini 5, which is what they've been calling it hitherto). That's great and all, but the company's remaining tight lipped about the stuff we really want to know, like specs and price points. [Engadget]