There are some things that occurred this week...notable things...notable things involving jet boats, bikini mini golf, lightsabers and sex game pranks.

Hydro Thunder Returns With All-New Xbox Live Arcade Sequel
I can't wait to drive my jet boat through Chichen Itza.

The Time Is Right For A Lightsaber Video Game
The time is also right for just the lightsabers.

Red Steel 2 Review: If Only 2006 Was This Good
Oh Wii MotionOriginal.

The Continuing Evolution of Gabe and Tycho
If you enjoy Penny Arcade—and who doesn't—you'll enjoy this story.

The Ginormous Flow Chart History of Game Studios
The industry at a glance...a gargantuan glance.

I Like Mortal Kombat's New Direction

Pinball Wizards Take A Shot At Mini-Golf
This studio makes the best pinball games.

Here's One Way to Make a Pirate Pay - Dearly
Now just imagine if someone hacked the accompanying robot wanking machine, they'd really have you by the balls.