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Can you take screen shots with the iPad? If so, is it accomplished by pressing the home button and sleep/awake button at the same time?
Yep, screenshots work same as the iPhone.

When you use iPhone apps, does 2X mode make it Pixalated or does it look smooth? (Are the Graphics Vector?)
Check out our post here. Spoiler: they don't look so hot.

Is it worth it if you have an iPod Touch?
Personally, I would say yes. It's a completely different thing. You'll still use your iPod Touch for stuff when you're out and about—for listening to music, at least—but the iPad just opens up so many exciting new opportunities. Whether you're in it for the games, for reading ebooks, or just surfing the web with your fingertips, it's incredibly impressive. Best of all, you can be in it for all those things and a ton more.


Can the iPad charger be used to charge older iPhones and iPods? (without melting them or the charger down)
Yes! According to the literature that comes with the 10W USB Power Adapter with iPhones and iPod Touches. Sidebar: the little charger is pretty adorable.

Is the touch feedback faster and smoother than the iPhone 3GS, or does it stutter like the Microsoft Surface?
The touch feedback is great. Though it's hard to say how it compares to the iPhone, it definitely doesn't stutter at all. In things like, say, Maps, it's super responsive, and the wider screen allows for bigger multitouch gestures (and thus deeper zoom).

Silly question: does the iPad come with a dust-free cloth?
No, but it does come with the usual snazzy Apple stickers.

Does the onscreen keyboard still come up when it's connected to a keyboard dock or bluetooth keyboard?
No, it does not come up automatically, but you can hit the 'eject' key on the keyboard to have the onscreen version pop up.

What's reading like on it?
Comfortable, so far. I spent a brief—ahem—bathroom break with the iPad and found it pleasant to hold and read. If you're wondering about eye strain and fatigue, that's something we'll sort out during a longer reading session.

Is it a good idea to run the battery dead before recharging it for the first time? I heard something about this. What would you suggest?
Nope, no need. That's something people have said for a while but it's not necessary on today's batteries. Also: the iPad's batteries come fully charged out of the box


Do you crave a bigger iPad? Does the thought of a bigger iPad make you feel geeky inside?
No. The iPad feels huuuge when first held and leaves my iPhone feeling puny and insignificant in comparison.

Can the iPad run its homescreen in landscape or just portrait like the iPhone?
It can run it in both landscape and portrait mode.

How does it hold up for reading in bright sunlight?
I found that the iPad's just fine in the bright Florida sun unless I'm wearing polarized sunglasses. When wearing such sunglasses, I needed to raise the brightness level to make reading more comfortable and still didn't find it all that appealing.


How accurate is the positioning system, as in Google Maps?
I was pleasantly surprised that the iPad accurately narrowed my position down to a two-street radius in several different locations. It's not perfect—it took several tries to get it to find my location in some places—but it's decent enough.

Ive noticed you were talking about connecting a bluetooth keyboard on the iPad. Is the iPad compatible with the current Apple (or any) BT wireless keyboard? (if yes, who needs the comming dock/keyboard combo)
We just confirmed that in addition to the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard works with the iPad as well, though we can't confirm that for all models. Expect a more detailed list of keyboards that work with the iPad in coming days.

I did not order the iPad before, can I just go to apple store and get one?
I was able to purchase an iPad earlier this morning without having pre-ordered a unit. Your millage may vary depending on how many units your local store has in stock. I would suggest giving them a call and asking about how things are looking in regards to available quantities.


Do the function keys on the Apple Wireless keyboard match up with those on the keyboard dock?
Yes, the brightness controls—F1 and F2—will control your iPad's screen brightness.

Have you tried using it on the toilet? If so, how does it compare to using a laptop on the toilet?
Yes, yes I have. It's far more comfortable and convenient to use than a laptop as there's not a need to set an iPad down on your knees.

Will my mother-in-law be able to figure out how to use it? i'm tired of trying to teach her how to iChat...
My dad—who tends to do little more than some light web browsing and has never used an iPhone—had no difficulties picking up my newly purchased iPad and figuring out how to play music, browse the web, download apps, and sift through synced photos.


Does the iPad get warm like normal laptops? If not, isn't it really cold to hold or lean on with bare flesh?
In the hours that I've spent with mine so far I haven't felt it heat up despite putting the device through its paces. It's a bit chilly against bare skin—similar to how a newer MacBook Pro feels before it gets hot enough to fry eggs.

Is it light?
It's lighter than you'd expect, but still feels substantial in your hand.

Are there display units in stores to try out?
Apple stores have display units that you can play around with, I can't confirm if all Best Buy locations do as well.


I want to buy my tech-challenged mom an ipad but she lacks in the English department...aka speaks Spanish. Are there options for different languages?
There are options for several languages—including Spanish—and their corresponding keyboard layouts.

Have you tested it with the apple bluetooth keyboard? Does it work?
Like a charm.

This may sound stupid but is there vibration?
A tiny bit—if you blast the speaker volume.


How do you feel about the bezel? Is it to large?
Initially, I thought it'd be far too huge seeming and annoying, but when actually holding and using the device, it feels just right.

Does it feel truly portable to you? And how heavy does it feel if you're say lying in bed trying to read a book?
Yes. The device feels pleasantly substantial without being so heavy that you'd feel fatigued from holding it for an extended period of time.

What are all the buttons on the outside of the iPad? Apart from the volume buttons, what's different from the iPhone? And what is that on screen button beside the "Slide to Unlock" ?
At the top you've got the headphone jack and the sleep/on/off button, on the right theres a switch to lock the screen orientation and a volume button, on the bottom there's a speaker and the dock/charger connector.


The button which pops up next to the "slide to unlock" turns your iPad into an expensive digital photo frame by starting a slideshow style cycle through your photos.

Could you do a typing test on your iPhone and iPad and compare the results? Or just type a sample sentence on both and time it?
Using the somewhat ad-covered iPhone Typing Test, I typed about 75WPM on the iPhone and about 68WPM on the iPad.

I would attribute the difference to the fact that I've not entirely adjusted to the iPad keyboard just yet. That and the fact that I'm a bit sleepy.


Are the bottom edges sharp?
Nope. They're not quite as rounded as an iPhone's, but they're definitely not as sharp as a MacBook Pro's.

So like, is there a camera?
No, there is not.

What are the maximum number of apps/screens it can handle?
Eleven screens with 20 apps per screen plus the four apps on the home row appears to be the limit.


Is it really easy to smudge up the screen? Will you have to keep wiping it clean?
It gets dirty with skin oils like any glass, but it's easy to wipe it off thanks to the oleophobic surface.

How do you feel about the keyboard?
Keyboard works good. One of the keys is not waste time correcting mistakes (just like the iPhone) and let the thing correct them for you. It's quite fast.

Frucci thinks, and I quote, "its pretty slick, i am excited for more apps that utilize the big screen."


Does the 4:3 screen hinder watching widescreen movies for you?
Haven't had time to watch any movie yet. More on this later today.

How does it feel in your hands? Did they strike a good balance between size and weight?
It feels amazing. Yes. The hardware looks and feels gorgeous.

Have you tried the Adobe Ideas iPad app yet? Looks pretty sweet, and free!
Jason says it's great, here.

Can you show us how notifications work?
Just like the iPhone or the iPod touch.

Might be a stupid question, but can you change the wallpaper on the Ipad?

Why would I spend a arm and leg for a ipad, when my laptop works fine?
If your laptop works fine, keep using it.


My iPod Touch feels wafer thin. do you get the same feeling from the iPad or more of an iPhone proportionality (not too small/big)?
It feels thin and light, but very solid in your hand. I just made a quick poll among the people here: Everyone says it feels perfect in your hand.

Is the iPod now rendered useless? If not, how can the iPhone/Touch increase the functionality of the iPad?
Of course your iPod touch is not useless. The iPad will probably replace many consumers' laptops, but ultra-portable devices like the iPhone and the iPod touch won't be replaced.

How bad is the online porn viewing experience hurt by the lack of flash?
Well, that depends on what sites you like. Most porn sites support the iPad and the iPhone/iPod touch because they use standard MPEG4 video. You can watch our guide for porn on the iPhone here.

Does Mobile Safari on the iPad display alt/title text for images? For example, if you visit [] and hover/tap/etc. on the image, do you see the alternate punchline?


Have you done any real typing on the ipad and would you say its unbearably slow?
No, it's not slow at all. Typing with if flat on a table doesn't feel goodactually is not bad at all (I'm typing more like that, looking for stuff as I write down these answers). But when you are holding it on your lap, it's fast and accurate. If you are on sofa or leaning on a chair, it feels great (just like the ads show—clearly, that's why they always show it that way on the ads.

Will 16GB be enough?
We have discussed about it here and yes, I think you will run out of space fast. We don't think it will be enough if you are planning to load a lot of games, music, and video (doh!). However, if you are planning to use it with a handful of favorite applications, you will be fine. If you are planning on using Netflix and Hulu—for those looking for movies and series—then 16GB would be enough too. Streaming and the cloud are going to be the key here.

What are the key differences between the iPad and iPod touch (aside from size, of course) that would justify me setting aside the touch for the pad?
The key is the size. People keep saying that it's just "an oversized iPod touch". And it is: A bigger iPod touch with much powerful hardware. And THAT is precisely the difference. The moment you see and feel the possibilities of the larger format, it's the moment you realize this thing is amazing. One of the first things Matt Buchanan said—while going from app to app—was: "It truly feels like you are handling the future in your hands." Once you try it, there's no way back.

How much better will the second generation iPad be than the first one?
Nobody knows. My bet is that the second generation will include a front camera, but that's just speculation.


How long does the battery really last?
We are trying this right now, but according to all reviews, it matches or surpasses Apple's announced 10-hour mark.

If you've been in a Best Buy today, have you noticed that the 3rd party demo apps are upscaled versions of iPhone apps? Why? Were there no apps natively designed for iPad ready for opening day?
Best Buy people must be dumb. There are hundreds of apps optimized for the iPad already. We are reviewing them here, live.

Does Spotlight search also within Keynote and Pages? Since it might get difficult to flick through say a hundred documents Inside the applications themselves.
I'm downloading them right now. Will update this info later (we will be reviewing these apps shortly too).
Update: In my initial test, it doesn't. More later.


Is it a good alternative to a real laptop?
It will depend on the kind of work you do. It feels like it will be for many people. We will tell you more about this in a few days, as we get into our daily lives.

While reading a PDF document, can you add annotations and print out the document to a LAN printer?
Not with the built-in applications.

Is the ipad just a "new thing" or is it actually going to open up some untouched and new horizons for tech?
I think it opens new horizons, yes. Everyone here in the Gizmodo bullpen can't stop saying "ooooooh" and "aaaaah." It really feels like the future of computing for consumers. I'm trying SketchBook, Pages, and dozens of apps and I'm wet with its creative possibilities too. For an extended reply on this, check my iPad Is the Future feature.


Will I have any issues with Customs/Airport Security in either location?
No, you won't. The iPad is just like a laptop.

How are the iPad's built in speakers? Also, where is it located?
They are below the home button. They sound ok (they are two of them). Loud enough to watch a movie or play a game, but don't expect Hi-Fi quality. If you want top banana quality, use your headphones.

I see a small button next to unlock slider in portrait mode pics. Whats that for?
It will turn it into a digital photo frame, feeding from your iPad Photo library.