Camera: Cannon EOS rebel Xs
Lens 18-55mm
-Jay Sadaram

3 image manual stack in Photoshop.
Canon 30D
Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens
Full set of Kenko tubes
Ring flash
Aperture Priority
ISO 100
-Chris Andrews

Had to jury-rig a tripod at close to ground level to snag the shot. Image is a model car being chased by a glass frog I painted, placed in the planter in my backyard.
f/5.6 - 1/250s - ISO 100 - 28-135@28mm - Canon EOS Rebel XS

Canon T1i
Canon 28mm, f/2.8, ISO 100, 1/2sec shutter
No flash
Manfroto tripod
I started by setting up the ship on a stand and placing the background picture behind it. I ended up shooting the toy ship from below it by setting my tripod head to video mode, then flipping the camera upside down. With the camera upside down sitting on the ground it shot the picture upside down, but from the angle I wanted. Shot the lion's head in focus, shot again with focus between the lion and sail, then shot the last frame with the sail in focus (the skull in particular).
Used Helicon Lite version to stack them, then Light Room to adjust lighting and export to jpg.
-Will Phan

Nikon d3000
ISO 400 - 45mm - f/3.6 - 1/10sec
I used a home-made reversing ring in order to mount my kit lens backwards and have an ghetto- macro setup. I had to blend each focus point in manually in Photochop because none of the layers were even close to lined up.
-Andre Mere

ISO 400
Camera: Rebel XSI
Lens: 18-55mm
Photo is of a Chinese paper doll with calligraphy down the dress. The shot is actually of the details and calligraphy.
-Heather Steele

90mm Macro Tamron 2.8
1/200 sec @ f20 ISO 1600
I used a paperclip and black thread to hold the water drops. The stacked image is a silhouette photo of me with blue gelled backlighting.
-Christophe Gonzales Jr

Canon G10
FN 3.5
iso 100
the photo was taken at sydneys famous beach : bondi liked the sand particles, reminded me, how that freakin' volcano erupted and caused me to stay in australia for another 2 weeks
-Dániel Gáll

These were shot with a Nikon D5000 with the kit 18-55mm vr lens on a Manfrottto tripod in my kitchen using an over head light. Cropping and light exposure adjustment were done in Lightroom, stacking was done with 4 frames in CombineZM. My dog was being a spaz so i chose a more stationary subject.
-Michael P. Brogan

Ant portrait, possibly formica species. Horizontal field of view
approx 3mm. Stacked from 67 images with Zerene stacker (pmax method).
Olympus E330 camera
Olympus MF1 4/3->OM adapter
OM Auto bellows
Olympus PM-MTOB OM->RMS adapter
Nikon N CF Plan 10x/0.30 microscope objective.
Camera/Bellows/Lens mounted on Nikon Multiphot stand.
Subject mounted and focus movement done with Olympus BH microscope base/stage.
Lighting from Olympus STF-22 Twinflash with ping-pong ball diffuser.
-Laurie Knight

Taken with my canon 300d with a 55mm Prime lens at ISO 100, f/6.3 and exposure time of 1/25. It is a set of 11 exposures combined in CZM and cropped with Photoshop. I got the idea when I saw way my wife's glasses on the dresser. I really like the way the light was coming in and casting a shadow of the lamp on the wall, I put my watch behind the glasses and started shooting. I converted the RAW images and combined them in CZM and this is how it turned out.
-Brian Moyno

Nikon D80 with an 18-200mm lens. I didn't use a tripod... just steady-handed it.
Combination of 5 photos. I shot in manual mode with a minimum focal length of 5.6, maximum zoom of 200mm, and an exposure time of 1/4,000 of a second. My ISO was 1250.
-Isaac Chambers

My boyfriend wouldn't stop talking about this shooting challenge so I decided to humor him and used image stacking on my lunch. This series of images was taken on a Canon 5D with a Nikkor 60 mm macro f 2.8 at ISO 200. To blow out the background I covered my carpet and wall with printer paper and used a Canon EX 580 flash. Some post work was done in photoshop including curves and the clone stamp to get rid of rough edges.
-Jennifer Kehl

Cute ceramic kitty from Japan. I forgot where I bought it. This was taken at my back patio.
It was almost 6pm on Pacific, so color of sun light had a bit orange-ish.
Canon EOS 10D / Sigma DC17-70mm f2.8-4.5 with HOYA 72mm UV(0) filter
Remote SW RS-80N3 / Manfrotto 725B DIGI tripod
8 shots in RAW 1/1500 f4.5 (70mm) EV -0.5 ISO100
Converted to TIFF format by PhotosopCS3 No Raw editing.
Stacked by CombineZM Back to CS3 for cropping, and resizing.
Tiny object + Macro lens + manual focusing = my eyes dead.
-Hiromichi Ariga

Olympus C-8080WZ
Integral lens
Super Macro Mode/Manual Focus
ISO 80
F 6.3
1/1.3 sec exposure
This is the circuit board to an old Netgear router that I had at the bottom of my drawerful of obsolete electronics. It took me 16 shots to get the whole scene in focus, which was a pain because the ancient Olympus C-8080WZ I was using only has a digital-style manual focus and takes forever to save each shot. I took the originals in RAW and used Helicon Focus to stack the images, pushing my 2.2 GHz black macbook with only 1GB of RAM to the outer limits of its abilities in the process. I didn't alter the final product at all, except to crop and resize per your instructions.
Anywho, thanks for putting on the contest, I never would have tried this if it weren't for you. What's next, focus stacked HDR images??
-Jasper Colt

So I was trying to think up a creative way to use focus stacking that didn't result in a result that would look just like the same shot at a higher aperture. I came up with the concept of using focus stacking to come up with two planes of focus in the picture rather than multiple plains making up one object. The leaves of one of the non blooming irises framed the background bloom nicely.
Nikon D60, Tamron 17-50 Di II f/2.8 with VC. Shot at f/2.8 at 50mm zoom, manually focusing. Colors and exposure edited in lightroom, focus stacked with combineZM, and small errors from the stacking process edited with the GIMP.
-Joshua L. Harris

Just took a quick couple of shots to see how it worked out
I like being innovative, but since focus stacking is a very new concept for me, I would rather have a plain concept first.
Taken in my bedroom, with my Adidas soccer ball/football and my Sketchers shoes as props/subjects.
Canon PS SX200 IS
ISO 200
Auto setting for quick Super Macro -> Macro switch on focus.
-Steyn DeKlerk

Shot with canon XSI and the stock 18-55 lens.
ISO 400
Shot at 18mm over 30 secs.
6 Different shots were used to get this photo.
This shot was basically me being bored and wanting to try something different. I decided to shoot these gorgeous flowers on black fabric just to see what would happen using your stacking method (I used combineZM). All in all I think that it is an intriguing outcome.
-Steven Saldana

Shot with 7D and EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM (1/200 sec @ F/9, ISO100)
I've always wanted to give a focus stacking shot a try so when I saw this challenge it made the perfect subject for my 365 Project. This one was made using 7 different images.
-Jeremi Blurton

For this focus stacked image of a daisy, I took 15 images at varying focal distances with a Nikon D90 and an old full frame Sigma 70-300mm lens, set to 300mm (macro) on a tripod with a remote. Exposure: f5.6, 1/60, ISO 320. Images were then combined in Helicon Focus. Some post processing sharpening and contrasting was done in Photoshop.
-McDonald Mirabile

Basil growing in a window box and my first photo entry ever. I couldn't get the picture to merge just right, so after several tries I went with this one. There is a ton wrong with it (missing or misplaced stems), but I like the effect.
Canon Rebel XT
50mm prime lens with 4x diopter
Mounted to a chair with a gorilla pod
-Adam Harris

Camera: Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi
Lens: EF-S 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6 IS
Shutter Speed: 1/4 sec
ISO: 100
F-Stop: f/11
Focal Length: 53mm
This shot is of an old micrometers I have. It probably around 50+ years old and works perfectly. This shot consisted of 13 images that I used photoshop to align and stack. For lighting, I used my home made lightbox and 2 desk lights on either side.The background is a piece of UV printed black foamcore.
-Drew Elias

Shot on a canon EOS 450D, 18-55mm lens, ISO 400. Captured the bag of beads on a window sill in my bedroom facing the sun. First time ever trying focus stacking.
-Gary Grant

Nikon D80
Hoya 62mm Lens
Speed 125
6 images stacked
Adjusted Exposure and Contrast
-Jeffery Phillips

Canon PowerShot SD780 IS
1/80 sec.
Our downtown has some great opportunities for photography. Including a wild pack of USPS trucks.
-Danial Anton Monson-Bergum

Discovered in a forest in Karuizawa, Japan, Yutaka-chan forages for acorns. Captured using a 5D Mk II, 24-70L at 70mm f2.8 ISO 100 in manual mode. Originally 12 shots were taken for this stacked focus challenge, however only the 4 that had detailed areas I wanted to retain were ultimately processed using Helicon Focus 5.1. I experimented with Photoshop CS4's blending scripts and CombineZP's various automated stack scripts, but they created strange halos around Yutaka's ears.
-Garry Kline

Camera Used: Sony DSC-H7 in Manual Mode
Used CombineZM for stacking.
-Alok Gupta

Canon T1i Body
Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens
Took 13 shots at -2, 0, +2 (39 shots total) at F22
I tried at wider apertures but there was too much ghosting in the processed image.
Merged to HDR because I missed out on last weeks contest.
-Thomas Lureman

Circuit board
Canon Powershot A640
F 4.5
Exposure time 1
Helicon Focus Mac software
-HN Chang

Joe Bender playing The Little Penguin at a game of Pig Mania... And Joe just made a 60 point pig toss!
I took 8 photos and used CombineZM to create this photograph.
All eight photos using Canon Rebel XT, stock lens, ISO 200, 1/4 second shutter, f/5.6.
The photo was taken in the evening in my home; in front of an open door to capture a larger background.
-Jim Gorski

This isn't 1 image, it's a composite image of 8 photos which have different focal planes. I used Helicon Focus to combine them into 1 so you get the details of the metal bar and all the letters in the droplet all in focus.
Camera: Nikon d300
Apeture: F8
ShutterSpeed: 1/6
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 50 (with extension tubes)
-Patrick Tully

I shot both photos with a Canon 7D equipped with a EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM and mounted on a tripod.
The aperture for both shots was f/8.
Each final shot is composed of 9 exposures, and stacked together with Helicon Focus.
-Jude Hall

This is the filament of a well used quartz-halogen automobile headlamp. The area seen here is 1.54 mm wide, about the same area that you would see through a 100X microscope, but through the microscope you could see only a tiny slice in focus at once.
Shot at 11.3X using a Canon T1i camera and Olympus 20 mm bellows macro lens at f/2 (effective aperture > f/22), ISO 100, 0.3 sec. 40 frames at 0.013 mm focus step (total subject thickness 0.5 mm), using a screw-feed setup. Assembled by Zerene Stacker, finished in Photoshop.
-Rik Littlefield

As I was walking my dog on the beach this weekend I found these two, fully intact, cochleoid shells. I picked them up and thought they would be perfect to demonstrate depth of field.
Nikon D90
ISO 100
F5.6, 1/80
Standard kit lens
Helicon Focus - radius 1, smoothing 3
A series of 34 images.
-Adam Norbury

I work in film and had the idea to take this shot after a rubbish bag of old stock burst in the office the other day, with film unspooling all over the floor.
Short on a Canon 500D with a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8. Images were shot at 24mm, f/5.6, ISO 100 with a 1/2" exposure. 45 images were stacked in the trial version of Helicon Focus
-Peter Amies

"Money Matters"
My daughter is holding the cash. Her friend, Camila, is looking with some
anticipation! To get good focus since DOF is about 1-2mm I held down
shutter and rocked back and forth slowly while trying to not get in the
picture and bonk her in the head with the lens. :)
Canon 40D
Canon IS 70-300mm lens with extension tubes
Unknown focal length & aperture due to extension tubes without sensors
ISO-500, 1/250 sec.
Date: 5/1/2010
-Chris Reilly

Canon 7D, 100mm macro lens
9 images manually focused from front to back, shot at f/11, ISO 160, and between 1/125 and 1/160 second.
There was lots of light including a Joby spot, but I purposefully under-exposed.
Fed camera-generated JPGs to CombineZM using defaults.
Minor tweaks/crop in Photoshop CS4.
-David Lee

Canon Rebel XSi, 55 mm, f/5.6, 1/50 sec, iso 800
I threw down four singles and added some fake blood from the local theatre shop to create some, "blood money". I combined and stacked the images in Photoshop using the Stack Mode option.
-Timothy Flynn

Camera: Nikon D300s
Lens: AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D
ISO 800
-Andon Espeseth

Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Lens: Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Macro
Focal length: 100mm
Shutter: 1/4
Aperture: f/10.0
ISO: 800
This focus-stacked image was made using 14 exposures and combined using Photoshop CS4. I chose to photograph Breakfast Blend from Starbucks to capture the lighter color and more detailed contours of a coffee that hasn't been roasted as long. You can still see the parchment left over from the lighter roast and the oil from each bean as well.
-Bryan Schiele

Nikon 50mm prime at F8
Nikon D5000 body
Hoya UV filter
I had shot this hill a lot over the past week and decided to use it for this shooting challenge. This was not the most successful image I have taken here, but it is the most focus stacky.
-Thomas Parks

Handheld shot of my Weimaraner. Here are the settings and equipment used:
Canon EOS 7D
Canon 50mm prime lens
1/80 sec

Picture was taken at Barry Park in Syracuse, NY. Taken with Canon Rebel XT with 17-40mm lens at 40mm, ISO100, f4.0 and 1/640sec.
-Winnie Tsui

Pentax K-x, kit lens
ISO 640
macro setting
6 frames stacked in Helicon Focus
sized in PE6
-Mellanie Fuller

Fuji s100fs / 1.5" Exposure / F2.8 / ISO 100 / fl 7.1 mm
None of my attempts at a focus stack worked out, so I decided to share the best individual image from the attempt.
-Mike Case

This was harder than it looked. I ended up using a two shot series and combined them with the CombineZM program. I used my Nikon D40 with the kit lens. The shutter speed was 1/30s, f/5.6 and ISO was 200 for both pictures. I tried to combine three shots but it never quite worked.
-Peter Berg

Canon Rebel XS, 1/1600s, f/1.8, ISO 400, EF-50mm f/1.8 II lens
Used Helicon (trialware) to stack 10 raw images together,
cropped/resized in GIMP.
The subject is one of those wind up "robotic" bugs. This particular
one is about 3" long. He is posed on top of my grill which apparently
has a bunch of cobwebs on it.
-Joseph Galante

Reflections in water droplets
This is a combination of 13 separate exposures - each with different focus settings. I used the software tool, "Helicon Focus" to process the stack. Additional cleanup of the image, crop, sharpening, and slight color balance was done with Photoshop CS4.
This was the results of my 5th attempt after deciding to participate in the challenge.
Date Taken: 2010-04-29 13:04:52
Exposure Time: 0.0062s (1/160)
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO: 400
Focal Length: 105mm (157mm in 35mm)
Date Modified: 2010-05-02 21:48:29
Photo Dimensions: 2124 x 1600
File Size: 1.46 MB
JPEG Quality: fine
Flash: flash did not fire
Metering: pattern
Exposure Program: aperture priority
Exposure Bias: -2/6 EV
Exposure Mode: auto
Light Source: tungsten
White Balance: manual
-John Williamson

Sony DSC-W180
Those banana peels will get you every time. It's really unfair to have them in a race. I decided to blur the foreground instead of the background to hopefully set myself apart. This was composed of 6 shots, combined in CombineZM, of a balloon battle in my street.
-Aaron Lovell

Nikon D5000, Nikon 35mm Prime
1/320 sec @ F 1.8, Aperture Priority Auto
This is simply some glassware arranged in a shaft of sunlight on my dining room table. The image you see is a stack of 6 separate images, auto-focused at 6 different AF points, then compressed in HeliconFocus, then cropped and sized in Photoshop.
-Sean Sliney

I shot this photo while at a local garden in town using a Sony Alpha 200 on a tripod edited in Photoshop.
-Denise Dopps

Carbon Filament lamps.
Sony Alpha 100
Minolta 50mm Prime
F1.7, 1/15
-David Roy

Nikon D300s
50mm Prime lens at f 1.4
Shutter speed 1/500
ISO 200
7 shots with different focus points
-Darrell Nielsen

Grape leaf with shadow
7 Images total
Nikon D80
100mm Macro
F/4 at 1/125 ISO 800
After struggling with shooting spiders and webs that seems to catch the slightest breeze, just happened to see it out of the corner of my eye from within my grape vine. Simple yet amazing.
-Ben Lawson.

I was fortunate enough to be renting ( a really nice, large aperture lens which has macro capability (Canon 24-70 f2.8) when this challenge came up, so the timing was fortunate... I shot 5 images of this guy handheld using a Canon Rebel XS, then aligned/stacked then in PS. Then cropped & adjusted levels, contrast, & saturation. Focus Stacking is a new technique to me, but I loved it, so thanks Gizmodo for suggesting this as a shooting challenge!
-Eric Kornblum

Sony Alpha 200, tripod, used PS to blend
-Ryan Dopps

Canon 7D
F-stop 4.5
Exposure 1/50 sec
ISO 200
Focal length 56mm
24 shots
These ‘mud men' are about 2.5 inches tall sitting on a glass table. I haven't purchased a Macro yet so I used the kit 28-135 mm lens. I was very surprised to see how well this worked with a non macro lens on close ups. I had many ideas on submissions but didn't have time until Sunday to work on this. Is there a better Program than Helicon Plus
-Marcy Lantz

Canon 7D
F-stop 4.5
Exposure 1/50 sec
ISO 200
Focal length 56mm
24 exposures
I was concerned too many people might use the same subject, Okay, maybe not. Used Helicon focus, an awesome program. I had difficulty with the lighting, cloudy day and the light varied a lot. I had to compensate by shooting 24 shots as quick as possible. My wife did help a little.
-David Lantz

Edited in Photoshop CS4
Varied shutter
Stacked using 12, f/1.8 shots.
-Pedro Leal